I want to invest my money in: Business

I want to invest my money in: Business

If you are thinking where to invest your own money to generate continuous and to be possible, residual income, you're probably asking in any of the alternatives Business. 


Investing in business is to create a business from scratch, buy a business that is already running, or finance the business of a third party in order to make a profit or sell it at a higher price than it had at the time of purchase (in the if you create a business or buy one), or get a percentage of profits (in the case of financing the business of a third party). 

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Invest in businesses, it is considered the most constructive investment for society and for oneself. In addition, it is less dependent on external factors and more effort and dedication. 

In this case, the investment can be 3 types: 

Investments that require more effort than money: They are investments in respect of time and knowledge, but require little money. In today's market there are several options for this type of investment, just choose the one that suits oneself. 

Investments that require effort and even money: Let's say you need to invest enough money, which in many cases it is necessary to ask for a loan, but also require time and effort investor. Are typical traditional businesses: a shop, a small business consulting or advice, etc. 

Investments that require more money than effort: They are very high economic investment, but business ideas from other people and developed by others. The effort and knowledge required at first, to assess the business opportunity, and when considering interesting to invest, the effort is done by other people and only requires your periodic review. They are very high and high risk investments but may return you a very good return. 


  • They offer high profit potential (investing in businesses can be quite profitable, as long as the business is chosen and indicated this is administered efficiently).
  • In the case of creating a business or buy one, you have full control on investment (profits and increased business value depend on one).
  • If you have good results, they give one the satisfaction of having been responsible for the good return on your investment. 


  • Carry a high risk, especially if you do not have adequate knowledge and skills.
  • Usually, you need to have a good capital to start investing in them, especially in the case of buying a business.
  • It needs to have business knowledge and skills, both to invest in them to manage them. 
  • Have a low degree of liquidity (money invested in a business is difficult to convert into cash because, among other reasons, it is not easy to quickly find a buyer for a business).


Investing in business is the ideal choice for those who like the issue of business and have full control of their investment (in the case of creating a business or buy one), or who like the subject of business but alternative does not have the time or expertise to manage one (in the case of financing the business of a third party) will.