10 Benefits of Living in a Small House

10 Benefits of Living in a Small House

Small house living has been growing in popularity for several reasons. Many people initially look into smaller houses to save money, but there are a myriad of reasons why living in a small house can benefit you. Here are the top ten benefits of living in a small house.

1. Easy to Maintain

Tiny houses require less plumbing, electric and gas by design. Because small homes use fewer materials, they are easier to maintain. If you have to replace a plumbing pipe, for instance, you may only have to replace ten feet worth of pipe as opposed to 50 feet.

Small houses require less energy to maintain, so appliances like air conditioning systems will last longer and not need as much maintenance.

2. Less Expensive

There are many reasons why small houses are less expensive than average-sized homes. Here are just a few ways that tiny houses will save you money:

  • Doesn’t cost as much to heat and cool.
  • Less square footage means the home will cost less, meaning your mortgage will be significantly low.
  • You save money on building materials to construct the home.
  • Requires less electricity to light.

3. Easy to Customize

Because you will be saving money on building and construction costs and ongoing maintenance, you will save money for interior customization.

Many small house owners can afford granite countertops and hardwood flooring because the square footage is modest. Tiny houses

generally have exquisite interior design simply because it is so affordable to do so.

4. Easy to Keep Clean

The smaller square footage of tiny homes means that you have less surface area to clean. Smaller homes tend to have a more open concept, making cleaning each room easier because the rooms flow from one to the next. Bathrooms and kitchens are smaller, so you will have less area to sweep and mop.

With less to clean, you will have more free time on your hands.

5. More Free Time

There is the apparent time saver of less cleaning and worry-free maintenance. However, there are time-savers to tiny houses that many don’t consider.

Because you will be paying less on your mortgage and utilities, you will not be obligated to work as many hours to pay off your mortgage.

6. Less Stress

A small house lifestyle is naturally less stressful. You will have less to clean, which means more time on your hands to pursue endeavors that you enjoy.

You will also have lower bills to pay, which also helps to significantly relieve stress.

7. Energy Efficient

Small homes have less square footage than average-sized homes and require less energy to heat and cool. As tiny houses grow in popularity, more energy-efficient companies are creating heating and cooling models specifically designed for smaller homes.

8. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Because small houses are so energy efficient, they are more environmentally friendly by design. While you can take steps to further reduce your carbon footprint, your carbon emissions will automatically be reduced simply by choosing to live in a small home.

9. Forces You to Declutter

Because smaller homes have less space, you will be forced to declutter your life. This is not a bad thing! There are plenty of websites that offer tips on how to reduce your material possessions. Having fewer items in your life will also naturally reduce stress!

10. Save Money!

This is the primary reason why most people look into small houses. A mortgage for a small home is much lower than an average-sized home. On top of this, your household bills will be significantly less expensive when you live in a smaller home. Between saving money on bills and having a reduced mortgage, the money you save can go towards travel, retirement, home improvement, etc.


There are many benefits to small house living. Whether you are looking to save money, customize your home with luxury appliances or live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, tiny house living has all of these benefits and more. If you’re curious about small house living, Tiny Away offers rentals to give you a small house experience before making the commitment to purchase.

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