10 Cool Presents for Teenage Guys

10 Cool Presents for Teenage Guys

Coming up with great gifts for teen guys can be strenuous. Some ideas are too generic, and others lack innovation. However, with our list of 10 coolest presents for teenage guys, you’ll find the ideal gift to bless him without breaking a sweat.

1. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Charge 3 is a powerful, crisp, and clear Bluetooth speaker.

It is portable and compatible with many devices. It makes a heartfelt gift, especially if the guy is an audiophile. With his friends over, be prepared for a groovy jam session.

2. Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con Nintendo Switch w/ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

What better way to rejuvenate his inner child than a gaming console? The Nintendo Switch is a compact gaming device. This package exclusively stars Mario Kart 8, an addictive racing title bound to relish for hours on end.

3. AirPods PRO + Charging Case

Owning the latest Apple Air pods is almost every teenage boy’s desire and is extremely popular among the youth for good reasons. The Air pod Pro highlights noise cancellation technology and a wireless charging port. It’s a brilliant gift for any audio aficionado out there.

4. RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Power Bank and Charger

Teens always fixate their attention on their gadgets. What better way to showcase your thoughtfulness than gifting a portable charger for their phones? The RAVPower 26800mAh power bank packs enough “juice” to recharge iPhones, Android, and Tablets for hours on end. Compact in nature, it makes for a worthy backpack companion to tag along on errands and school trips.

5. SCAR Gel blaster

Unleash the private soldier within him with this fantastic TacToys SCAR Gel blaster gift. The modern trinket takes the hurt away from paintballs by launching soft gel towards targets. These gel balls are non-toxic and leave no stains on apparel and objects. Aside from that, it makes for an affordable present and addictive past time activity among family members.

6. HP Omen 15 Gaming Laptop

Esports and gaming Livestream platforms such as Twitch have gone viral. With kids emerging as world champions and winning prize pools on Fortnite tournaments, teenage boys can only dream of joining the bandwagon.

You can help turn that dream into a reality with the HP Omen 15. It’s an affordable gaming computer with up to 16GB Ram and NVIDIA graphic cards capable of running new releases. While he may not necessarily compete in grand competitions, he will undoubtedly appreciate a computer that can run his favorite games seamlessly.

7. Holy Stone HS110D FPV R/C Drone

Win the present, giving competition with this modern technology- the surveillance drone. The Holy Stone R/C drone is one heck of an ideal gift that incorporates photography enthusiasts and technophiles together. It features live streaming, HD recording, and long battery life of up to 72hrs of fun. He’ll fly it across the block to check up his pals remotely and probably scare off a few squirrels, but he’ll appreciate it.

8. Movendless YD-0012 Longboard

He may be underage to drive, but with this four-wheeled bad boy, he’ll have the license to have fun. The longboard can be carried around and is a convenient means of transport. It takes up little space and can distribute weight evenly.

You can decide to gear him up with some protective pads, but don’t make it “goofy.” In the long run, skating will save him transport money and improve his physique.

9. Champion LIFE Men’s Reverse Weave PO Hoodie

Fashion is a statement all teenage guys look up to and emulate. Turn him into a trendsetter with designer attire from Champion. The hoody is versatile and is a famous brand among youth. It makes for a stylish and quite cozy present, one he’ll remember you by each time he wears it.

10. Philips Norelco S1560 Electric Shaver

Pubescent adolescents are bound to develop unruly facial hair. Shaving is a sacred recreation for men, one that each boy needs to discover on his own. By gifting an electric shaver, you help the lad take his first steps toward adulthood. It’s a great gift young men need to look presentable and feel confident about their sexuality.

In a Nutshell

Taking into consideration some of the tips given, you now have a vague idea of what to look for when it comes to buying a present. Most teen guys enjoy gifts that can turn into hobbies or activities. Others lean more toward the eccentric fashion spectrum. In the end, there’s something for everyone, and with our list, we hope you found the ideal present.

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