10 most amazing birthday card ideas

Birthdays are special and I know some people treat it, like any other day. But for me, it is the day we should celebrate, enjoy, and let loose. If someone close to you is going to celebrate his/her birthday, make sure that you make the day special for them.

You don’t have to buy the birthday girl or boy an expensive gift to make him/her feel special. Just by being with them and making sure they laugh all day is a great way to make anyone feel special. There is one more thing that you can do, which is better than a Whatsapp text or social media posts in which people write so much about the person and that is cards. Before social media and the tradition of gifting exquisite gifts, people used to give each other handmade birthday cards. They were and until today are the best gift you can give anyone. When you create something for someone with your own hands, it expresses the love and cares you have for that person, and it will make the person happy that one can’t even fathom.

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Here are ten great ideas for making a birthday card.

A card describing all your friend’s flaw and how it makes them special

Want to gift card to your best friend? Well, why not design a card where you list their flaws and tell them that these are things that make you more lovable for everyone. Not serious flaws, a simple one like if they love to cuss or drink and dance too much.

It will be funny and sweet at the same time. You can use the Canva tool to design the card. It has numerous templates from which you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

A confetti craft card

If your friend or a family member loves doing a craft, they will dig a confetti card. It will take some time, but it will look good.

A younger than you card

For a friend or sibling who is a few months older than you, a card saying ‘happy birthday to you from a friend slightly younger than you’ is perfect. It is funny and will make your friend/sibling laugh a lot.

Balloon pop-up card

This pop-up card is great for everyone. Use leftover papers to make balloons, and stick them to the surface of the card using visual foam tape. It will be like a 3D surprise when the recipient of the card opens the gift.

Banner card for birthday

On a patterned paper, make a pretty banner and write happy birthday. It will make for an awesome banner birthday design. Add your birthday wish to complete the birthday card and gift it to your friend or family member.

Show how much someone means to you by using humour

Make a card that shows how much you love the person you want to gift card to. But don’t go about it the normal way, don’t write emotional text. Write something humorous like ‘I was invited to thousands of birthday today, but I came to yours, so welcome’ or something similar. It will show how much someone means to you without getting all sentimental.

Birthday card for the poker lover

A friend or a family member love poker? Then make a poker card by making a simple card with pocket and include home-made cards in it.

A pie card

Is your friend a little grumpy on his/her birthday this year? Then, why not gift him/her a card which has a pie (graph) or the image of an apple/blueberry pie. Write a sweet line telling him/her how important they are or tell them why they should enjoy their birthday this year.

The burnt card

Take a big sheet of paper and with the help of a candle, try burning the edges to give it a beautiful and burnt shape. Then add any design or write your wishes on it.

Card with cute dogs

For a dog lover, give them a card with lots of cute puppies. It will certainly make their day.

Which idea you loved the best? Have any more unique and fun ideas? In case you’re looking for a more hilarious take, we suggest you take a shot in doing a birthday prank call!

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