3 of the weirdest degrees that actually have really good pay

3 of the weirdest degrees that actually have really good pay

Does investment in higher education pay off today? That is a very important question that many people struggle to answer. Evaluating the labor market and deciding whether a particular degree and years of study are worth it can be quite difficult. Moreover, there is no single, universal answer to these questions and each case should be considered individually.

The global economy, as well as the labor market, has been going through a substantial transformation over the past few decades. This massive change is primarily driven by innovation and digital technologies that are turning traditional industries upside down. The demographics of consumers across the globe are also changing as younger people have different needs than those just a generation ahead.

Millennials once used to be the most innovative and radically different generations of our societies. However, in the era of technology and rapid development, the youngest of us all, generation Z-ers have overshadowed them. This age group is set to becoming the largest purchasing power we have seen. Thus, in order to keep making profits, businesses and their product lines should adapt to what these people want.

There yet again is no explicit answer to this question. Nevertheless, we know that generation Z-ers are all about digital technology, gadgets, and smart solutions. They require constant novelty in all products and increasingly convenient services. This is exactly why a countless number of businesses are reconfiguring themselves to these new standards.

Even some of the most traditional industries have gained a tangible digital touch to them. For instance, the financial industry has completely revolutionized itself, offering digital services in almost all areas. There is no significant commercial bank in the world without a web or a mobile platform. Everything from simple payments to small loans and advanced operations can be done using these digital tools.

There is even a niche of the financial industry, marking the gradual merge of technologies and finance. Fintech is undeniably one of the most dynamically developing sectors in the modern world. The demand for digital banking is so great and rapidly growing that some well-known financial institutions are prioritizing fintech development over traditional services. There are even new types of entities, neo banks, which are completely digitalized institutions. They do not have their own ATMs or service centers but only mobile applications and web platforms through which any operation can be performed.

Therefore, in a constantly and rapidly changing world, professionals in newly emerged fields are always needed. To deliver on the demand, quite a few universities have introduced weird, but carefully designed programs that can potentially pay really well.

Study Esports at Staffordshire University London

The online gambling industry is one of the most innovative today. This niche is gradually overtaking traditional casinos as a soaring number of people prefer to play live casino online over visiting physical ones. Besides being technologically advanced and extremely creative, it also remains at the top of the lucrative businesses’ list. Those who run online gambling platforms make fortunes through slots, card games, and even advertisements. Yes, just like any other website with high traffic, casinos also have the possibility of making money out of promotions.

The rapid growth of the online gambling industry has been accompanied by the increased popularity of Esports. Video games are more competitive than ever before, making them a perfect subject for betting. This industry is likely to hit billions of dollars in value ver soon. Luckily, there is a university degree that combines all of these together, raising professionals that can lead this novel sector in the nearest future.

The UK-based Staffordshire University in London decided to answer the high demand on the market by introducing MA and BA in esports. This exclusive, innovative, and rare program trans individuals to lead and manage teams in this industry. It covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques and marketing, as well as management strategies. The university offers courses led by some of the leading professionals from the United Kingdom as well as beyond.

One of the biggest selling points for this degree is the high demand for it. Naturally, the university uses this factor and advertises the program as an opportunity to get a guaranteed, high paying job after graduation.

Cannabis Cultivation at Oaksterdam University in California

The cannabis culture has been around for quite some time now. From the medieval era to hippies and modern times, cannabis has been an important part of countless movements and important social and economic changes. However, legislation regulating the use or cultivation of this plant remained rather brutal and restrictive in almost every country for a long time.

Fortunately, the 21 century is proving to be a game-changer in this regard as well. A soaring number of countries are legalizing the use and cultivation, as well as the purchase of cannabis. Importantly, it is being used for medical purposes more and more often by a range of influential healthcare institutions.

California is undoubtedly the hub for the industry in the United States. This region has the most liberal legislation in regard to cannabis while other states are following its path towards becoming more tolerant. Thus, it is no surprise that there is a cannabis cultivation degree at Oaksterdam University in Oakland.

There is a nannying program at Sullivan University

Nannying is a profession just like any other one. However, getting a degree in this field is not a common practice. One would not find a range of universities that offer this program. Yet, professional nannies receive competitive pay all around the world. There is a chance that a university degree would make the paycheck even bigger.

The Sullivan University in Kentucky offers a professional nannying program. It has a focus on career development and features management modules. Thus, one day, this degree can help you open your very own nanny agency.

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