4 Things To Consider Before You Develop A Mobile Application

The complex but straightforward process of building successful apps takes you deep into the world of research, wireframing, technical feasibility assessment, testing and a bunch of other important processes that app builders need to follow, sometimes meticulously, in order to create well-built mobile apps as easy and seamless as possible.

Apart from this building process, there are a lot of other things you need to put into serious consideration before you start the development of any mobile application. And in this article, you will be exploring some of these must-know things to consider just after the concept of the app is birthed. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

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1. Market Research

First things first, you need to start this process with comprehensive market research. This is the first thing you must do in order to ACCURATELY identify the target market and the viability of the concept you want to run with. With it, you will be able to identify and gather useful information about your prospects and then tailor your marketing pitch appropriately. This is particularly useful for app builders because the competition is tough in the current state of the market.

This has created an atmosphere of fierce competition where myriad of apps are fighting to gain the attention of users as much as possible. The only way to build apps that will not get lost in the crowd is to start the project with comprehensive market research. It is also the only way to lay a solid foundation for a successful app project. However, you need to know how to do effective market research.

To conduct successful market research for app development, here is what app builders need to do first;

• Analyze your app concept. Start by enlisting key features and functionalities that will be built and add the benefits those features provide.
• Identify your target prospects. Write down detailed demographics of your target prospects. Look for common interests and why they would like the products.
• Know your competition. Know their USP (unique selling point).
• Get a detailed report of their psychographics.
• Evaluate your decision.

2. Mobile platform

There are obviously many factors that influence the success of the project. And one of them is the platform that is used to develop the app. So, every app development companies should choose carefully the mobile platform that is the best fit for the project at hand based on the opportunity that they provide. For example, IOS is more popular in the US and more secure when compared to the Android platform. However, Android has way more users globally than iOS – about 76 percent in 2019. If you are targeting the US, wants more paying customers and want a platform that you can easily build the app in, then it is advisable to go for iOS. On the other hand, if you are gunning for wider usage globally, then you should choose Android.

That being said, it is better to develop your apps on both platforms if there are enough budgets for it. Even though it is easier to build apps on the iOS platform, you will spend quite a sizable amount of money building apps on both platforms. But it depends on the type of app. Apps with more features and functionalities, called complex apps, are costlier than ones with fewer amounts of features and easy user interface.

3. App Promotion

Generally, app builders need to worry about writing well-structured algorithms and build apps that are going to function efficiently without glitches. But there are more things to worry about, such as the promotion of the app, since it is impossible to create successful apps with promotion. Initially, all you have to do is to put it up for download on your blog or website and draw as much traffic to the site as possible.

Right now, digital marketing is one enormous sphere made up of a lot of parts that could all be exploited to promote your app. You may need content marketing strategies, affiliate marketers, experts in email marketing, influencers, social media strategies, and many other digital marketing experts. (That is why you need to put this into consideration before you start the project.)

However, your first move will be to place the app in the app store of its platform. But you will have to do extensive research on tags and keywords to maintain visibility. Also, you could draw a lot of traffic to your app by using paid ads, Google Ads for example.

4. ROI

The main purpose to build apps is to make money. So the budgets used to build it need to be recovered, even if you have your team of professional app builders. If you are able to recover the money in or within a year, then it is a good investment. This should not be a problem if it is able to reduce business expenses or generally solve problems that will make people want to download and use it. So, you also need to put this into consideration before you build the app.

Final Thoughts

Building a successful app is indeed a process that app builders need to follow. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to build one that will garner lots of downloads and enjoy high usage without performing due diligence. That is why you need to do your market research properly before you decide to take action on the app concept that has been birthed. Also, choose the right platform to use as the success or failure of the app may depend on it. And finally, consider the return on investment and the time frame it would take to recover it.

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