5 Common Mistakes Pregnant Women Should Avoid Doing

You’re lucky enough to have a mum by your side during your pregnancy as she can give you tips and the support you need especially when it’s your first time. I bet no one can better walk you through motherhood than your own mama, right? While it’s not every day that you have a super mum to guide you, that does not mean you can’t make it on your own. 

This is your first time to carry a baby in your womb and we understand that you feel excited yet a little terrified at the same time. Most women in their first pregnancy are not fully aware of the dos and don’ts and safety precautions during pregnancy. And even if you know everything about these healthy diet plans, workouts, and other distinctions of pregnancy, there are still risks that you might fall prey to some of the most common mistakes that every first-time mum makes. But don’t fret because you still have your chances to correct those habits. 

Consider this article as your guide to identifying these common mistakes in order to keep a healthy pregnancy.

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Self Medication 

Some pregnant women do not mind seeing a specialist for minor headaches or touches of flu as they’d rather purchase over-the-counter medicines to avoid medical bills and the hassle and stress in a hospital environment. But did you know that taking paracetamols, antacids, and other beauty capsules (and even creams) can actually have an adverse effect on your pregnancy? One major advice: do not self medicate or trust over-the-counter drugs when you are pregnant. Spend time visiting a gynaecologist whenever you need to. Do not disregard attending to your ultrasound schedule when advised. Taking ultrasound testing does not only reveal the gender of your kid but also allow you to determine the baby’s condition.       

Senseless Overeating

A lot of people believe that pregnant women should eat twice the amount of their regular meal to satisfy both mummy and baby’s hunger. Let’s say your meal contains 1800 to 2000 calories. Do you really think a small fetus would need that much to grow and develop? No. Mothers would only need 300 calories more than their regular calorie intake to feed the babies in their wombs. It is also risky for women to gain excess weight during pregnancy as it may lead to preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other postpartum diseases. Yet, skipping meals to reduce weight is not advised for everyone, especially for pregnant women.      

Wearing Seatbelts in the Wrong Way

The proper way to wear seatbelts is accomplished by putting each strap over and under the baby’s bump and not across the middle. This way won’t harm the baby in case something happens on the road. 

Avoiding Comfort Foods

It is imperative to avoid binge eating with your comfort foods during your first trimester especially if you have a sweet tooth but not to the extent of stressing yourself over comfort food deprivation. Refraining yourself from taking at least one bite of your favourite cookie can increase your anxiety level, affecting the baby’s well-being. 

Taking Saunas or Hot Tubs

All pregnant women experience their days throughout the entire pregnancy and even after giving birth. With all the sentiments you feel involving joy, excitement, anxiety and fear, it may be tempting to seek some forms of relaxation. You may find it very relaxing to take saunas or hot tubs but resting in such high-heat environments on your first trimester can double the risk of miscarriage.     

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