6 Misleading Myths In The App Development Industry

There are certain persistent myths that are being passed around within the app development industry for years. Top app development companies already know that they are myths but new ones still fall for some of these myths. This is why this article lists out the myths so you can avoid them. So, let’s get down to business.

1. It’s all about the app

Yes, great user experience is important to make people use your app but top app development companies know that there’s something more important than great user experience. No matter how fantastic an app is, you won’t know if you don’t download it. What will make users download the app fast is more important than the features of the app.

The magic word is “purpose”. What is the purpose of your app? What problem does your app solve? Top app development companies know that users download apps to solve a problem. A great user experience only comes as an add-on.

Now, ask yourself this question – if a user finds out that it is only your app that solves a particular problem for him, will he stop using the app because of poor user experience? The answer is probably a big no. Here is another question. If a user finds your app very interesting but does not have reason to keep the app, will he retain it? The answer to this is also no. Top app development companies understand this so, they usually build their apps to fill a need gap.

So, thinking that once your app is fantastic and has mind-blowing features users will rush to download it, which is a misconception that should be eliminated. According to one of the top app development companies in America, providing a solution is the most important step in app development. So, what solution does that your very app idea provide? You can’t find an answer? Dump the idea and go back to the drawing board!

2. You only need to make people download your app

This is another persistent myth that has been misleading new app developers. Many of them expend all their resources in making people download their apps. Over the years, top app development companies have found out the contrary. When a lot of people have downloaded and installed your mobile app, that ends a phase of app development and it also marks the beginning of another one.

You need to switch gear from download to retention. There are thousands of mobile apps out there that have been downloaded and installed over a million times but they do not have up 200,000 current users. App retention is different from app building.

A good app is the one that has encountered millions of downloads and installations but a great one is the one that retains its millions of users. So, app development goes beyond just making people download your mobile app. It also involves making them retain your app.

3. App stores will give you unlimited traffic

This is partially true. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store generate huge traffic but each platform has more than 3 million apps on them. The apps share the traffic and the top 100 apps get the most of the traffic. Remember Pareto’s 80-20 law? It is applicable here too.

80% of the traffic generated on both app stores is captured by only the top 20% apps on the platforms. So, placing your mobile on app stores will not automatically lead to traffic for you until you find a way to get your app to be among the top 20% apps.

4. Nice features will get your app to the top

App development is different from fashion where great looks is all that matters. Nice features are useless to the users of your mobile app if they are not tied to benefits. Users aren’t looking for features; they are looking for benefits. They are looking for solutions that will make their lives easier.

The apps with the most beautiful icons aren’t always the most successful ones. Beautiful icons may attract the attention of potential users and they may even download and install the app. But they won’t retain it if it does not solve any problem. So, features are useless without benefits.

5. Quality advertises itself

It is another myth that quality apps don’t require much adverts and marketing since they advertise themselves. This may be true to a large extent but it is not completely true. Coca-Cola, Apple, and Microsoft are among the most successful brands but they still spend millions of dollars on marketing.

Facebook is the most successful social media platform yet it is still being advertised. Yes, good mobile apps may advertise themselves through word of mouth but that is when a tangible number of people have downloaded, installed, and used it. Without adequate marketing, those people won’t get to know about your app, let alone use it. In fact, marketing should never stop until when you decide to retire your mobile app.

6. People will download your app soon enough

This is a big myth. Even if people will eventually download your mobile app, it will take several months or even more than a year before it gets downloaded by a sizable number of people. Nevertheless, you need to continue to market and publicize the app on multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, the thought that their apps will quickly start generating revenue makes some app developers earmark inadequate funds for marketing and this further reduces the success chances of their mobile apps.

If you still believe any of the myths listed above, it’s time to purge yourself of them. They are myths that are very far from reality. Hanging on to any of them will definitely lead you off the right track. No highly successful app developer believes any of them.

Author Bio:

Melissa Crooks is a Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.

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