7 most beautiful places to travel to in spring

7 most beautiful places to travel to in spring

Spring is the season to travel anywhere and everywhere. This is an ideal season to relish everything about the place that you want to visit. The best part of this season is that everything is open and accessible. It’s the season of flowers and greenery. This is also the best season to enjoy a nice game of golf at the Algarve Golf Courses in Portugal. You will equally enjoy the blue skies and the blue waters that surround these golf courses.

However, these are the places worth visiting in spring and we have given their specialties too.

  • Netherlands

This country has a different charm in spring. Tulips are growing in the special gardens and what a sight they are! Plus, the water bodies, like the lakes and countryside, is in its full bloom. The tulip garden opens just in the spring and what a picturesque sight it beholds! This should be on top of your list of places to visit in spring.

  • Umbria, Italy

This place is beautiful in both summers and winters. In winter it is a favorite skiing destination while in spring the place blooms with flowers giving the most magnificent view of the valley.

  • Provence, France

This place is already famous, thanks to its lavender fields. The fields are in full bloom in spring and your eyes will not have seen a more beautiful side of mother nature. This place is a favorite shooting spot for films and series. Like the lavender fields, the trees here bloom in the most colorful way to awe you.

  • Bonn, Germany

Yes, here is where the Sakura bloom. Their blooming is considered to be a good sign and people love to spend time under the pink tunnels that these trees bring up. The natural formation of the pink tunnels is a sight that is admired even by the locals who spot them every spring.

  • Jerte Valley, Spain

This place turns white without the snow. You can see around two million cherry trees blossoming in white and the sight is not to be missed for anything in the world.

  • Malmo, Sweden

This place is a paradise for backpackers and people who love cycling or travel on foot. There is almost 500 km of flower-cover as you travel around the town. Imagine what a sight it is when the entire road is covered with nothing but flowers!

  • Bodrum, Turkey

This is a place where you will not find a temperature hike even in the spring season. It is nice and warm, but not hot. It also provides bewitchingly beautiful flowers growing everywhere in the streets. It seems as if the whole town is showered with flowers.

Thus, spring is a season that will not disappoint your holiday. No matter where you go, you are sure to watch the beauty of nature in every possible way. The best part of a spring holiday is that you can’t get enough of pictures. Each moment from dawn to dusk provides the best scenic beauty which you would surely love to capture!

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