7 Tips to make your resume stand out

7 Tips to make your resume stand out

Are you involved in the hunt of your dream job? Do you think knowing the position you are applying for, knowing your subject, having immense knowledge about the current affairs and having a well-built personality will help you get that job? It is high time you should reevaluate the selection process. All the things that you have prepared for are useful once you are called for the interview and are getting interviewed by the interviewer. The very first hurdle that needs to be cleared is getting a call for an interview based on your resume.

Resume holds a very important position in building a successful career. Making a resume that seems interesting and catches attention at the very first look is also an art that needs to be mastered if you want to get into your dream job. Now, several professional and paid services are also provided for building a strong and attractive resume. Below are some simple tips that you should keep in mind while making your resume.

Use a header while giving declaration for resume:

To give your resume a much more polished and professional look add a header for your name, contact information and the position you are applying for. This will help the recruiter find your contact details easily and also grab attention faster. This way you are one step ahead in the recruitment process.

Tailor your resume according to the requirement of the job:

The harsh reality is that no one takes the pain of going through the whole resume and then selecting the probable candidates. The recruiters usually look for the skills they need. If your resume is too descriptive or you have mentioned all the courses you have done then it becomes quite difficult for the person to know whether you are suitable for the job or not and you might end up not getting the call for an interview. Thus it is better to cut short your resume and present them with the skills they need for the job. Leverage Edu reviews this as a vital step towards job selection. Easier for them to select you and easier for you to get selected by them!

Use of industrial keywords:

Many companies, especially the large ones, use automated systems to filter the job applications. This filtration is done on the basis of some keywords. If you miss out on those important keywords, you might end up not getting selected or called for any interview. Thus make sure to browse the internet and include some relevant keywords in your resume to increase chances of getting a call for interview.

Try showing your growth in the form of story:

If you really want your resume to stand out, you have to do things that no one else has tried yet. Make your resume as you are narrating the story of your professional development. Show how you have grown over the years, how you have managed your insecurities and overcome your weaknesses. Not just make your resume a heap of your achievements, try including your growth stories.

Go the extra mile, add a cover letter!

When you are asked to submit your resume, do not just submit your resume and pray for the magic to happen. Go the extra mile, write a cover letter, expand your skills and experiences. No effort is wasted; you will definitely be appreciated and given added bonus for showing extra interest and giving it some extra time.

Do not just state, prove!

This is about the skill section where you list down the courses you completed and skills that you have gathered over the years. Do not just make a list of skills you have. Rather, explain each of your skills a bit, provide examples where you have used those skills previously or the point of time you felt you needed to acquire that skill for the betterment of the company as well as yourself. This would definitely impress your recruiter.

Be careful before sending:

After you have completed all of the above mentioned steps now it’s finally time to hit the send button. But wait! Have you checked the resume well for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors? Error in resume is a big drawback for you. Thus, it is better to check twice before you finally send it.

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