8 Tips on Preparing a Successful Bridal Shower Party

8 Tips on Preparing a Successful Bridal Shower Party

Bridal showers are prenuptial rites with roots from North America. It is a joyful event where the bride’s loved ones and friends come together to celebrate with drinks and food.

The occasion is also intended to share memories and advice with the bride prior to her wedding.

A bridal shower party is also an opportunity to shower the bride with gifts and attention to assist the couple start their home.

Bridal shower parties are usually held one or two months before the wedding ceremony. The main participants are usually the bride’s siblings, mother, and close friends. It doesn’t matter who is hosting the party, it is important to plan everything in advance.

Organizing activities in advance will help prevent confusion during the material day. For instance, it is important to assign duties to everyone who will be involved in preparing the bridal party.

In general, the success of your bridal party will depend on careful planning and never taking anything for granted. It is important to ensure that you send out cards in advance, prepare games to be played, have a list of people who will speak among other things.

Below are some of the tips to help organize a successful bridal shower party:

1. The bride should be involved in the plans

Although a bridal shower is often supposed to be a surprise, things have changed and most organizers have found the importance of involving the brief in all the plans.

However, if the surprise element is a must, then you can only reveal the date and venue to them. This way, she will have a certain level of control to the plans, but will still be surprised with the rest of the details.

Involving the bride in the preparation plans is important because it will help incorporate the bride’s wishes in terms of the invited guests and the kind of food to be prepared. Besides, you can also get input on her wedding’s theme color as well as the type of activities she wants on that day.

2. Select the venue and the theme of the shower

After setting the date, the next thing is to select and book the venue as soon as possible. Nowadays it is acceptable to host a bridal shower party almost anywhere. It can be the bride’s home, a friend’s place, restaurant, park hotel, or spa. You can also consult Hens Nights Brisbane or any other professional for ideas.

Besides the venue, you should also choose the theme of the party. It is good to have the bridal shower theme match with the wedding theme. It doesn’t have to be exactly similar though. You can talk to the bride and find out her preference.

3. Wedding shower Menu

The next step after choosing the venue and theme is food. You know that food and drinks are always at the center of every party. The type of bridal shower menu will basically be determined by the bridal’s preference, time of the party, and the theme.

4. Decide who to invite and send invitation cards early

Invitation cards should be sent early to give the expected guests adequate time to prepare. They can be handwritten, printed, or sent digitally. Ensure that you get the list of guests from the bride or someone close to her before you send the cards out.

5. Plan for fun activities and games

A bridal shower party can’t be complete without fun games and activities. The best way to keep your guests engaged is by arranging for different types of games. Apart from keeping guests engaged and happy, games also offer an opportunity for people to interact and know each other.

6. Cocktails and light bites

If you are looking for food ideas, then a bruschetta bar together with fixings on crostini. Besides, cheese and meat are liked by many people. You can add some cocktails and serve in a stylish manner.

7. Prepare little cute gifts for the guests

This is another great idea that can leave memories for a bridal shower. You can arrange for small gifts such as nail polish, bath salts, or anything that will lighten up the mood of the event.

8. Pass out desserts when gifts are being given to the bride.

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