Advantages of taking up medical treatment in India for international clients:

India is a booming market for medical tourism in the entire world, owing to the availability of low cost and highly affordable medical treatment at international standards. A medical or surgical procedures cost just one fourth of what it would cost in any other country and the results of the procedure are also tremendous. Hospitals such as AIIMS, Apollo, Fortis, global healthcare have indeed realized the dream of medical tourism in the country and has gained the confident and trust of treatment seekers internationally.

Medical tourism industry:

Medical tourism refers to the increasing trend of foreign nationals visiting our country in search of quality medical care and surgical treatment. The growth of medical tourism in India has increased to manifolds in the recent years. By the year 2018, the worth of medical tourism in India was estimated to be US $5billion, and it is projected to grow at a rate of 200% by the year 2020. Our top sources of patients are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc.

The reasons why we receive international clients for medical treatments are,

  • Reduced cost of the treatment,
  • Availability of the latest medical equipment and technologies
  • Compliance on international health quality standards
  • Best doctors who have been trained in western treatment practices
  • English speaking supporting staff to cure language barrier etc.

Advantages of taking up medical care in India:

  1. Cost:

The cost of medical procedures is very less compared with the cost of the same procedure either in the US or the UK. The common treatment options that the international clients undergo in India are alternative medicine, cardiac bypass surgery, bone-marrow transplantation, hip replacement surgeries and eye surgeries.

  1. Quality of care:

Our country has more than 39 JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals. Also, patients who are travelling to India to take up medical care are able to find their optimal doctor and hospital combination. After completing the treatment, the clients have the choice of either recuperating in the same hospital and in nearby accommodation. Many hospitals and doctors also render the option of continuing treatment through telemedicine options. The city of Chennai in India is also termed as India’s health capital, it alone treats and cares about 150 international patients every day.

  1. Ease of travel:

There is a very minimal restriction on tourist visas laid by our Indian Government. Visa on arrival scheme for tourists from selected countries makes it easy for people to travel to the country and stay here for 30 days’ straight top avail their medical treatment.

  1. Language barrier:

Though India has the most diverse languages, English has been adopted as the official language here. It is also spoken by doctors, nurses and other supporting staff in hospitals. This also facilitates medical tourism in the country.

Final words:

A number of medical tourism companies also facilitate health tourism in India and helping foreigners from different countries to seek quality, affordable and world class medical treatments in the country.

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