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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is known for its extraordinary mountain ranges. It is a state brimming with beguiling little towns all positioned over great mountains. The vast majority of its interesting towns are the ideal little spots for a pleasant loosening up get-away. In any case, Bir is somewhat extraordinary.

Bir is another community on a slope in Himachal. It is prevalently known for its experience exercises chiefly Paragliding. Bir is the name of the town, and Billing is the name of the hopping point from where the paragliding begins. Experience sweethearts need to bounce from Billing to arrive in Bir fundamentally. This delightful spot has gotten hugely prevalent among experience addicts, who portray this spot as supernatural.

Step by step instructions to Reach

By means of Dharamshala–Bir is a minor 50km drive from Dharamshala. It just takes a few hours via vehicle to reach Bir by means of Dharamshala

By means of Pathankot–Bir is around four to five hours via vehicle from Pathankot. One can likewise take a means of transport from Pathankot and get down at Bir. There is additionally a toy train that runs among Pathankot and Joginder Nagar, which one can profit. The train stops at Ahuja, which is the closest railroad station to Bir.

From Bir-To arrive at Billing, one can without much of a stretch contract a vehicle. It is about 14km toward the North of Bir.

One is filling loaded with vitality, and then one can likewise trek to Billing from Bir. The course for the trek is simple. However, one needs to cover a thick backwoods first and afterward needs to experience a precarious ascension, which can be strenuous for some. The trek takes around four to five hours.

The trek, despite the fact that tiring is profoundly prescribed, as it makes the experience significantly increasingly genuine. One can investigate a greater amount of the town and really be in the lap of nature. The walk is particularly invigorating and gives one a great deal of time to meander and consider their internal musings simply. A straightforward drive to Billing, then again, isn’t as vivid as the trek.


In the event that one chooses to trek to Billing from Bir, at that point, they may need to hold up till the following day to take off into the air. Paragliding is generally done promptly toward the beginning of the day, thinking about – the sun, the breeze, and the climate. The trek takes around four to five hours, so one needs to set up camp at Billing then and remain the night to paraglide the following day.

The outdoors all alone it another pleasurable action. Charging is a splendid point to see the dusk. The shades from the sunset spread the sky like a blood-red cover, and the view is beyond words. It is a picture of a taker’s asylum. There are a couple of local people in and around who can work without much of stretch assistance, one with nourishment and even the campfire. What can be superior to moving alongside some excellent delicate tunes while crunching on delightful hot nourishment and the entirety of this under a sky brimming with stars?

The following day, one needs to rise early morning and start preparing for the enormous occasion. Charging is the second most noteworthy paragliding spot in the entire world. The bounce point is about 9000ft above ocean level and 4500ft from Bir. It, for the most part, takes 25 to 30 min to finish the flight.

The procedure is incredibly methodical, and the co-pilots twofold check everything before it begins. The parachutes are checked, wellbeing directions, and sorts of gear are given out.

There are two sorts of Paragliding encounters

Solo – one can decide on solo paragliding, anyway that incorporates legitimate formal preparing and a level of expert capabilities before one can attempt this experience. In solo, as the name demonstrates, there is just a single individual, the pilot who is accountable for everything.

Pair Paragliding – in the event of Tandem paragliding, there will be an expertly prepared plot who will deal with everything previously, during, and after the flight. Both the visitor and the pilot dangle from a similar parachute and the pilot remains at the back, while the visitor sits in the front.

This is an ideal approach to appreciate paragliding without agonizing over anything. No proper preparing is required, and the visitor simply needs to sit and appreciate the wonderful view as the breeze breezes past their faces. It is a stunning encounter, as one flies over the scary mountains and gets one among the various fowls that fly over. The view from there is entrancing.

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