Applying for a misplaced death certificate is no longer a challenge

Applying for a misplaced death certificate is no longer a challenge

There are a lot of hassles when dealing with Government related or mandatory documents and information. The process of getting your hands on them is difficult with long queues, massive wait times, and the amount of information to be provided to make sure you receive the document you applied for. The situation only gets worse once you lose a document you spent hours applying for. The worst of this is dealing with the application process for a ​death certificate, mainly because those documents create an emotionally difficult situation, to begin with.

What are the perks of using the death certificate website?

The death certificate website is quite a brilliant lifesaver especially for people who do not want to spend ages in queues at the offices. In most parts of India, ​death certificates​ are got through the Municipality and in smaller villages through the Panchayat. However, post the death of an individual, there are a couple of documents that have to be submitted. One of the most significant ones is the medical report that can only be handled by a paramedic, medical practitioner, or a doctor. The report would have to state the health of the person before their death, what was the cause of death, and if there was any foul play suspected. Additionally, there would need to be identification connecting to the person who passed away to the person applying for the paperwork.

Although the website assists with applying for a death certificate which can also be quite a difficult process, the best part about it is that it helps people who lose their paperwork. This is one of the most annoying parts of the paperwork process and having to go through the entire wait again might drive an applicant insane.

What do you do if you lost a death certificate?

The website is an amazing platform allowing people to download a list of documents needed when submitting any applications. The list asks for documents like proof of address and separate identification. Applicants would then have to download the application forms and upload the filled out forms with all the required documents attached.

Applicants would also have to provide some proof that they are connected to the deceased individual to make sure the changes they are making are valid. Handling this entire process through the website saves hours and hours and can be handled without much hassle.

The website also helps people who notice typos and errors in the death certificate they received. Through the same portal, people can make changes wherever necessary. This can be done through the filling out of a form and attaching the documents needed.

Overall, the website is a giant help to people who prefer handling all these processes online instead of going to the office or Municipality. Additionally, it makes the process easier since there is a lot of information mentioned online and applicants can go through it to familiarise themselves with the process before handling it through whichever method they prefer.

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