Why B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering Is an Intelligent Choice?

mechanical engineering

There was a time in India, not long back, when the best of the lot took the Science stream after Class X. The only two respectable career choices for smart and sharp students were Engineering and Medical. If you opted for the Science stream with Maths in Class XI, the future was already decided. Things have changed a bit now, but the love for Engineering is still intact.

Why Do People Opt for Engineering?

Engineers have earned a respectable place in society because of their abilities to solve complex problems at large. They adhere to the highest degree of professional, ethical and technical standards and perform tasks that benefit the masses and make a remarkable difference in the society. They push the boundaries of applied science enabling activities in areas like manufacturing, construction, electronics etc. to new heights solving the technical problems that arise along the way.

As engineers play a significant role in shaping the present and future of the society, it is no surprise that this career choice tops the list of young adults. If you see the records of the world’s most successful companies, including Microsoft, Amazon and General Motors, you will find that a person led 33 % of these companies with an engineering background. Engineers are always valued for their transferable skills.

How to Choose a Stream in Engineering?

Once you have decided to become an engineer, the next move is to explore and choose the various options available in it. There are multiple streams in B. Tech, and some of the most preferred ones are Mechanical, Computer, Electrical and Electronics. The entrance tests for all branches are standard and happen at the national level, state level and some private institutes also conduct them individually.

The branch you get mostly depends on the marks you secure in the competitive exams. In some cases, the scores you obtain in Class XII also play a role. But, it would help if you prepared yourself in advance as to which branch appeals to you the most as your future depends on it. The department you choose should align with your knowledge and abilities, and you should decide it keeping the job opportunities in mind. Also, not all branches are good at all institutes. Thus, the decision of which branch to choose depends on multiple factors, including your choice, job opportunity, college etc. You must understand the various streams available in detail to make an informed decision. In this article, we will focus on Mechanical Engineering.

What Is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate course where a person learns to deal with the designing concepts, production process, operation and maintenance of different types of machinery. The education is not just theoretical, but it also includes the practical applications of principles of mechanical engineering in other related fields.

In a B. Tech programme, the first-year syllabus remains the same for all students irrespective of the branch they choose. It’s only from the second year that branch-specific study starts. Taking specifically of mechanical engineering, the students who opt for this branch learn about Manufacturing systems and processes, Automotive systems, Materials behaviour and processing, Fluid mechanics etc. Again, there are sub-disciplines within mechanical engineering, which include Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Automobile Engineering etc.

What Makes Mechanical Engineering The Right Choice?

Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen branch in the engineering program and is considered a safe choice. Anyone who likes to be around machines and gets thrilled by the designing and manufacturing procedures should opt for this stream. Being a Mechanical Engineer allows not only to build a better future for yourself and your loved ones but the world as well. Mechanical Engineers get excellent pay packages and high levels of job satisfaction.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering can be considered as a passport to work in different industries and countries as the demand for Mechanical Engineers always exists across the globe.

Opportunities to work in oil rigs, deep-sea, deserts or even the Antarctic are open for you if you prefer or else you can also work in your city. You can be an inventor of a creation that changes the world or be a force behind solving the significant challenges that humanity is facing. There is no shortage of opportunities in this stream.

Which Is the Right College for Mechanical Engineering?

Now that you have made up your mind regarding the stream choosing the right college is the second most important thing to consider. It would help if you chose a college that ranks in the list of top 10 colleges of the country and where mechanical engineering is one of the best streams offered.

BML Munjal University is one of the best colleges when it comes to taking up a B. Tech course in Mechanical Engineering. The faculty here is outstanding, and there are excellent labs, tie-ups with industries for internship programs, and most importantly, proper placement offers in public and private sectors.

Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Though every branch of engineering has its importance, Mechanical Engineering is often called the mother of all departments. It is the most fundamental field of engineering where the course is based on the logic of physics and pure mathematics. As you dig deeper, things start getting advanced as you start getting involved in practical applications of the mind-blowing concepts.

The best part about Mechanical Engineering is that the demand will remain intact till the time machines exist on this planet and as of now it seems that they will exist till eternity. So, if you opt for Mechanical Engineering, there will be no shortage of the job for you ever. The demand for Pro-Mech guys is always high. The scope for Mechanical Engineering is quite varied and extensive, and there are jobs for Mechanical Engineers in almost every sector. It includes construction, space research, steel industry, automobile industry, energy and utilities, oil and gas refineries, IT, turbine manufacturing industries etc.

If you love Physics and Maths, you will enjoy doing mechanical engineering. Do it wholeheartedly and then get your dream job in the sector you want to contribute to, working your way up the ladder of success.

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