Best preparation strategy for Kerala SET 2021 Exam

Best preparation strategy for Kerala SET 2021 Exam

The Kerala SET 2021 exam is conducted at the State level by the LBS Centre for Science and Technology for the post of higher secondary school teachers and non-vocational teachers. The application forms for Kerala SET 2021 Exam have been released and the last date to fill the same is June 3, 2021 (until 5 p.m.). This article includes the Kerala SET exam syllabus and Kerala SET exam preparation tips and strategies.

Kerala SET exam syllabus and exam pattern

The Kerala SET exam is divided into two papers: Paper I and Paper II. Paper I consist of General Knowledge and Aptitude which is common for all candidates while Paper II consists of subject-related questions which the candidates opt for. There are 31 subjects from which the candidates can select their preference for Paper II. The test will consist of 120 multiple-choice questions carrying one mark each in both the papers, except for Mathematics and Statistics where Paper II will have 80 questions of 1.5 marks each, and there is no negative marking for incorrect answers. The duration of the papers is 120 minutes each.

Kerala SET exam syllabus

Paper I of the Kerala SET exam syllabus consists of 6 units:

  1. General Studies
  2. Language and Reasoning
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Foundations of Education
  5. Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation
  6. Communication, Technology Research, and Educational Administration

Paper II of the Kerala SET exam syllabus consists of a detailed syllabus of the subjects of specialization of the candidates in the post-graduation level.

Kerala SET 2021 preparation strategy

The Kerala SET 2021 preparation strategy needs to be divided into two parts. You need to prepare for both Paper I and Paper II simultaneously. Some candidates tend to focus more on their specialized subject and leave Paper I for the last few days. You should avoid doing this as both the Papers carry an equal weightage of marks in the exam and are equally important.

Kerala SET exam preparation- Paper I

While preparing for Paper I of the exam, the candidates need to focus on the following Kerala SET 2021 preparation strategy:

  • The first step of starting preparation for an exam is to get hold of the best study materials that would cover the whole syllabus in an easy language so that the candidates can understand the concepts clearly.

The best books for preparation of General Studies for the Kerala SET exam are General Knowledge, Lucent Publications, and General Knowledge, Arihant Publications. For English Language, High School English Grammar and Composition Key (Wren & Martin) is one of the best books, and for reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and A Modern Approach for Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal are good. For Foundations of Education, Teaching, and Communication, Trueman’s NTA NET/SET book is a good book to prepare from.

  • While preparing for Paper I, the candidates must cover every topic as these topics are easy and will fetch good marks. The candidates should highlight or note down the key points of the various topics. This will help them remember these points at the time of revision.
  • For the logical reasoning and numeracy skills part, the candidates must practice daily to gain accuracy.

Kerala SET exam preparation- Paper II

The Kerala SET 2021 preparation strategy for Paper II is subject-specific depending on the subject that the candidates opt for. Some of the key points that the students need to keep in mind while preparing for the exam are:

  • Get access to the best study materials- Since Paper II consists of the topics that the students have already studied before in their graduation and post-graduation courses, the candidates should refer to those books which helped them in understanding the basic concepts of the topics earlier. Studying from the same book again will make it easier for them to understand and revise their topics easily. They can also refer to notes that they made during their classes.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses- Since, the candidates have completed their post-graduation in the subject, they must have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses in the subject. They should focus first on completing the topics which they find easy and strengthen their grasp on those topics and then move on to the topics that they find difficult.
  • Learn different methods and shortcuts- For topics that the students find difficult to understand and solve, they must look for shortcuts and easier methods to solve them. Many educational websites teach how to solve difficult questions using simpler methods.
  • Study at least two topics per day- The candidates should divide their study time into two different topics per day to avoid getting bored of the same topic.
  • Practice a lot- The candidates need to practice a lot of questions, be it from mock test papers or past year question papers, to increase their accuracy as well as to be able to attempt the questions in the given time.

Kerala SET preparation tips 2021: Key takeaways

Some common Kerala SET preparation tips 2021 which will help you in the Kerala SET exam preparation are:

  • Students should make a study plan and continue strictly with it rather than continuously making changes in the plan. A consistent study plan will eventually work and the students will be able to sit for long hours to study.
  • Try to analyze and understand your learning style. What is the most productive time of the day for you to prepare? When do you want to learn theory chapters and when do you like to solve practical questions? What is the average time you take to complete a topic? These would help you in designing your study plan in a manner that would create the best outcome.
  • Allot time for both Paper I and Paper II on a regular basis as completely focusing on one Paper will lead to loss of interest in the other.
  • Evaluate your progress weekly and complete all your leftover topics during the weekend.
  • Save the last week before your exam for practicing questions. Do not try to learn any new topics in the last week.
  • Be confident while appearing for your exam.

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