Best & Top 10 Child Tracking App for Android

In this fast-paced world, parents are concerned about the security of kids. And that’s why nowadays parents are lending their choice to child tracking app.

Almost daily, we come across the news about the disappearance of children (across the globe). Thus, it is prominent to take added measures for the safety of kids.

And to help you with your kid’s security, we have come up with the best location tracking app for android. Read on and take a thoughtful step about your child’s safety.

Top 10 Child Tracking Apps

  • GPS – Bit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian is an android parental control software that helps to monitor and control child’s online tasks. It has a simple interface and user-friendly features.

Here, you can add multiple children (no restriction) to manage their digital activities simultaneously.

GPS feature enables you to set the Geofence limit that sends a notification to a parent’s device when teens entry/exist the center location.

Centre location is a specific area that is to be defined by parents to ensure that teens enter the safe zone.

Additionally, this kids’ safety app also offers Speed Limit feature to keep a check on teens driving speed. Whenever your child exceeds the limit, an alert will be sent to a parent’s phone.

Moreover, it also provides other tools like:

  • Panic and SOS alert helps children during emergencies.
  • App Blocker blocks unnecessary and objectionable apps.
  • Time Schedule sets the curfew hours on multiple applications on a child’s phone.
  • Anti-Theft locates the lost cellphone.
  • Call Blockers block unknown, spam, and known callers.
  • App Install Blocker refrains teens from downloading new apps.
  • App Time Limit place time boundaries on a group of similar applications like social media

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  • Family Locator GPS Tracker

This child GPS tracker is a social tracking app where you can stay connected with all family members on the go.

You can also ask for check-inn access of all members and trace their location with this software.

It has an in-app messaging feature and protects the privacy of every individual.

However, Family Locator is not useful to monitor a child’s online activities.

  •  Mobile Spy Agent

As per the name, this application works as a spy agent for kids. It tracks the location of teens in disguise and accesses various information on a child’s device to enable parents to filter the age-appropriate content.

It tracks kids’ whereabouts and scrutinizes their digital tasks.

The main drawback of Mobile Spy Agent is, it is comparatively costlier.

  • Footprint

This application locates your child with their phone. It is used for iOS users. If your kid is traveling alone, you can assure their arrival destination, or if they are meeting with friends, they mutually can track locations.

Here, location information can be shared with others with permission from the user; otherwise, the data will be saved for later review.

It also logs waypoints without user intervention. Footprint has Geofence limits that send an alert to parents when teens cross the fenced area.

  • MM Guardian Parental Control

This parental control app for android is used to follow your children and to filter inappropriate websites. It has a clean user interface.

MM Guardian tracks text and pictures, detects cybercriminal activities, and swear words. This application has screen time limit tools and app and call blocker.

Despite many functionalities, this software contains Malware (raised by users).

  • ESET Parental Control

This child tracking software has various tools to control a kid’s online tasks. It follows a kid’s whereabouts, blocks inappropriate content, and access important information on teen’s smartphone.

It has easy web guard filtering and monitoring functions.

Although it locates your kid, it has limited location history.

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids

This parental control app offers various functions like:

  • The online content filter protects your children from harmful websites and content.
  • App usage control to manage application use by children
  • Battery tracker to receive a notification when a child’s battery is low
  • GPS Locator to know teen’s whereabouts
  • Social Network Monitoring to control Facebook activity

However, it has no call blocking tool, and many users of Kaspersky’s application say that children bypass this app easily and reset every setting. Sometimes it works slow on smart devices.

  • Spyzie

It effortlessly tracks a kid’s location and allows parents to access the child’s messages, browsing history, photos, etc. This protects teens from online threats.

Spyzie has an interactive dashboard that lets parents access various information in one place.

  • Norton Family Premium

It is popular for web security applications. It allows tracking children from its dedicated interface.

Norton offers a web filtering tool to protect adolescents from cyberbullying and indecent content. It also restricts a child’s online time and allows parents to review their behavior.

Comparatively, it has limited features of general child monitoring apps.

  • Glympse

It allows sharing live location to others and works silently in the background using GPRS, GPS, or wifi network that locates the device and redirect to the Glympse server.

No sign up is required, and this location tracking application has automatic expiry.

Although it follows a child’s footsteps, it ignores all other features of kids’ safety software like monitoring and controlling adolescent’s web tasks.

  • Famisafe Child Tracker

Famisafe is a website based monitoring software that traces kids. You can remotely locate your child’s device at any time.

It helps kids with its various tools like:

  • App monitor and app blocker – blocks the unwanted applications during bedtime and study time
  • Kids’ location tracker and history review – identifies any dangerous or unusual area, it has a real-time location facility, and parents can check location history to confirm a child’s safety.
  • Screen time control and smart schedule – limit kid’s excessive screen time and sets rules.
  • Web content filtering and web monitoring- detects and filters objectionable web content and filters gambling websites and pornography material.

Sometimes, its location tracking feature is troublesome and changes the address automatically.

Are you still thinking? God forbids, but don’t wait for any misfortune like your child abduction to happen.

Install one of the most reliable parental control apps, like Bit Guardian Parental Control.

From all of the above options, Bit Guardian is a one-stop application that not only locates your child’s whereabouts but also protects their overall digital safety.

So without further delay, download this app today and undergo a good parenting experience.

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