Buy your dream laptop on credit card without any hassles

Buying your dream laptop can be a delightful choice for you, but at the same time, it can cause a hole in your pocket. But now it is possible to buy your favorite things if you have a good credit card which offers various schemes to suit your needs. It seems a tough task when you choose to purchase your favorite laptop, you need to search for a computer with better configuration, latest software, better storage, excellent speakers and keyboard and after searching for long, you end up being in confusion, but if you are out with the cash and want to buy your dream laptop in hassle-free, then you can definitely go through this article to find out how you can purchase laptop using your credit card benefits

Payments by credit card can be made in three ways- 

  1. To pay off the entire principal amount without paying interest on the amount. 
  2. To pay off a small amount at the time of purchasing and holding the rest of the principal for the future by paying some interest on it. 
  3. Converting the whole amount into EMI’s(equated monthly instalments) for credit cards. 

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You can buy your dream laptop hassle-free in just simple steps:

EMI on credit card option- Credit card companies make a massive profit on the interest earned by the dues payments of your credit card bills. To continue shopping, you can opt for the pay-interest option and repay-in-future option. 

The EMI on credit card gives excellent benefits to the customers, especially if they are facing a cash crunch at the time of purchasing their dream laptop. 

Search online who provides this facility on buying laptops then select your suitable credit card, which gives enormous cashback and lower EMI on purchasing. Some credit cards also have tenures like 3,6,9 and 12 months to pay EMI, whichever cost you less is the way to go. 

More or less it works like a home or personal loan, you pay off some principal and interest each month and clear your debts at a certain period. 

No Cost EMI option- This one is the best option to buy your dream laptop without any hassles. Some retail merchandise offers no-cost EMI options for laptops, mobiles, and TV. Almost every credit card offers two variants of EMI’s- the first one is zero interest rate EMI and second is a low-interest rate EMI. No cost EMI option work as no principal amount has to be paid at the time of purchasing the product, and EMI paid only on the product price is equally divided by your repayment timeline without any interest. You don’t need to pay any effective interest, down payment, and processing fee on the laptop you choose.

Suppose if you bought a laptop online of Rs.36000 at a 6-month tenure, then you will pay EMI of Rs.6000 every month. The bank will then charge an interest rate that will be provided to you at the time of purchasing a laptop as a direct discount, which effectively gives you the benefits of enjoying the No Cost EMI option. 

If you think you are not eligible to pay off the credit card dues, then it is suggested to opt for EMI’s on the credit card option. Any default on your credit card bill will create a negative impact on your credit score, and the rate of interest will be higher. So, analyze these steps before you buy your dream laptop. 

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