Cedarwood: The one-stop towards mastering the English Language

Cedarwood: The one-stop towards mastering the English Language

In today’s competitive world, the English language plays a vital role. Matter of fact, if you can’t speak English, you are considered illiterate, which is why more and more parents are trying to find ways to enhance their children’s English. There goes the reason why parents are on the lookout for institutes handling English speaking for 10th class.

So, you’re asking, ‘what’s different between Cedarwood and others.’ Well, Cedarwood offers a unique platform. The teaching faculty is based on a strong academic foundation. The course design enables them to excel in the 21st century. Here, the students develop skills such as creative thinking and critical reasoning.

Cedarwood is quite passionate about educating children. They use international education standards. Considering the competition kids face nowadays, this is quite helpful.

Courses Offered

Be it any academic center, the first thing you want to know about are the courses offered. Cedarwood is formed generally to enhance your child’s English. So, let’s see what the kids can learn here.

Phonics and Reading Club

This club is ideal for primary and pre-primary children. The course is designed primarily to enhance the reading skills of your child. The phonetics method is perfect for teaching children how to pronounce a word. The concept behind the phonics method is the use of sound. Phonics uses a logical relationship between writing a letter and the sound it makes. By using the phonics method, children learn about this relationship.

Why is Phonics Used?

Once a child understands the sound a letter makes, they are able to identify a vowel confidently. Apart from this, they can distinguish syllables and consonants, as well. The kids are taught using audio-video content and through unique activities. They also get worksheets to enhance their grip on letters. Undoubtedly, this club is the foundation your children would need to learn English.

The children are exposed to reading material relevant to their age. They are given an array of interesting books, and each child is given a chance to explore and learn. Along the way, they engage in special activities, book reviews, etc.

They even invite children’s book authors to interact with the children about the book.

Elocution and Reading Club

Next in line is the Elocution and Reading Club. Being able to read and write is not the end of learning English. Being able to speak is as important. That also with confidence. Elocution has a vital role in education. It not only helps in letting your children know how to form a sentence but, teach them to speak it as well.

The Elocution classes enact as personality development classes as well. Elocution helps children understand how to form, articulate, and pronounce a word. And, later on, full sentences. But, it’s not easy for all to speak in front of strangers. Hence, personality development is critical for one to have self-confidence.


Exams bring tension to kids. There’s no doubt in this. Some children find it hard to manage the syllabus while some are unable to complete the exam on time.

Now you can leave these concerns behind you. The Study Smart Series Online Workshop is created for such children. These workshops enable children to adopt healthier studying habits.

You have to agree, at the end of the day, not all children are born intelligent. Yes, if they put in efforts and adequate study time, nothing is impossible. Being first in your class or school, for that matter, will be as easy as reciting ABC.


Teachers are the ones who guide your child in learning. As a teacher, you must be able to teach your students in the best way possible. The TSEP program is made for those teachers who want to give their best to the students. This program enhances your teaching skills. It allows you to improvise your teaching ability. As a teacher, you get acquainted with the important facets related to teaching.

Overall, Cedarwood is the perfect location for kids and teachers to enhance their English.

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