Course after 12th science biology

If you are a science student with biology as your subjects, there are some of the best and promising courses available around you. Here in this article we will guide you through some of the best courses which you can peruse after 12th science biology.

List of Course after 12th science biology

  1. Sc biotech:- this is a bachelor in science course In Biotechnology, this is a good option and the course duration of this course is 3 year. The course is divided into 6 semesters. With this course you can have a promising career, since the field Biotechnology is growing very rapidly.
  1. Sc Operation Theaters: –Bachelor of Science (b. Sc) in operation theatre is a three year course and under this course you will get to learn about the management of the theatre, medical ethics and in addition to this you will get to know the things like anaesthesia technology, post operation etc.

BE in Environmental engineering: – the environmental engineering is a branch of science which is formed with the integration of science and engineering principles it also deals with improving the natural environment. As we all know the health of the nature in depleting day by day, with this course you can be a environmentalist and can lead a promising career.


  1. Pharm:this stands for bachelor in Pharmacy and this is again one of the popular course in the field of medical science, this is an undergraduate academic degree in the field of pharmacy. In this course you will get to know about drugs and medicines and in addition to this pharmaceutical engineering, medicinal chemistry etc.


Physiotherapist:this is a course in which you will learn how to handle patients with physical difficulties which you have got due to illness, injuries, disability or ageing. These patients can be of any age they can be children they can be adults or even the old age people, the physiotherapist can work in a wide range of community and hospital settings.

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Optometrists: this is a healthcare profession which deals with the eyes and the related structures the vision of the eyes, the visual system and the vision information processing in humans. Under this course you will be trained to prescribe and work the lens and how to deal with the impaired vision.


Sanitary inspector:under this course which you get the knowledge of technical training supplemented by practical training program to the candidates aspiring to join the health and sanitation places in some of the best in class hospital around the world.

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