Best Course For Machine Learning

Here in this article we have complied best machine learning and deep learning courses. The best thing is that all these courses are available online and they will help your to learn and excel at machine learning and deep learning. You can go for these tutorials irrespective of you are beginner, intermediate or an expert.

  1. Machine learning certification by Stanford university:– this certification is available at courser, which is created by Andrew Ng. the program has globally trained more than 1,678,000 students every year. This course has got average rating of 4.9 out of 5 and all the topic form basic are covered. Now with coursera, you can enrol for 7 days trail and depending upon your experience you can buy the course.
  1. Deep Learning Certification by– this certification is again given by coursera. The whole program is divided into 5 courses which is spanning some weeks. In this program you will learn about the foundation of Depp learning, you will learn how to build neural network some of the best in class projects in machine learning.
  1. Machine learning Data science certification from Harvard University:– this is one of the best rated program for machine learning, you will learn some of the best things like inference, modelling and in addition to this you will learn productivity tools etc. the duration of this course is 9 hours and you will be able to finish this course within a month.


  1. Machine learning course for beginners (LinkedIn Learning Lynda): this is a set of program which covers each and every aspect of machine learning. With this course you will get to know about artificial intelligence and you will get your hands dirty with python on some of the cool projects. This is a self-paced course which has a 4.6 out of 5 rated.


  1. Python for Data Science and machine learning Boot camp: this course is available at udemy and this is a comprehensive course. With this course you will get to know how you can use python for analyse data, you will learn how to create beautiful visuals and some of the powerful machine learning algorithms. The duration of this course is 22.5 hours and this course is rated 4.6 out of 5.


  1. Machine learning certification by University of Washington: this course is again available at coursera and this is an advance level certification and you need to have basic understanding of the subject before you can enrol into this course.

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