Cricket as main entertainment in India

Cricket as main entertainment in India

Cricket is a kind of sports with a huge following. The reason is that it is the most popular sport and main entertainment in India which has the population of a billion people. Accordingly, cricket became the most popular sport in the world after football. A lot of Indians perceive cricket as a great activity, but they are also interested in it as an entertainment. They bet on it at different online betting sites such as live bet on cricket at Parimatch for instance. They make bets all year round because of the endless betting opportunities.

The cricket game was introduced to India during the years of its conquest by the British colonialists. Soon the English national sport became extremely popular in this country and each game attracted the attention of many fans.

Cricket in India is the favorite game for all ages. It is very common to see children playing cricket after school. However, it is an incredibly difficult sport to understand and has a lot of nuances in the rules. The game of cricket is popular not only in India but also in New Zealand, Australia and Africa.

More about the game itself

Cricket is a team game. There are 2 teams of 11 people each. Usually, the game can take from one to several days.

There are two types of matches: one-day and five-day international cricket matches.

One-day match 

Such a match can be played in two options:

the first option is time-limited cricket, which is given a certain number of hours, and each player makes two hits;

the second option limits how many times the teams change. That is, first one team plays, then another, and each of the teams makes a predetermined number of shots.

International Match

It is a top-class match – the most prestigious game, which is played at a professional level. Such a match is usually played for five days in a row, six hours a day. During the day, the game is divided into three parts, two hours each, and between the first and the second there is a break of 40 minutes, and between the second and the third – 20 minutes. There is also a short break for drinks, usually once an hour. But if the weather is very hot, then these breaks are made more often.

Each team can hit twice, alternately with opponents. Each turn of shots ends when any 10 players on the team are out of play, or when the captain of the team currently shooting announces that their number of shots is over. The team with the most points wins. If the number of points is equal, then a draw is declared, but such a result is extremely rare.

Cricket betting

Almost 70% of cricket bets are made Live. The long-lasting matches allow you to make unhurried decisions, but you need to be careful because during the game weather conditions can change several times, which will make big adjustments to its outcome.

Main bets

on a winning team: bookmakers only accept bets on a winner team, but in cricket, a draw is possible: by score or by time;

on a winner in the tournament. Cricket tournaments do not have a large number of participants, so you can analyze the teams and place a bet on this market;

on the best batsman. It is very rare in cricket that one player is better than all his teammates, so such a bet would be very risky;

on the total points of the best player of the match. A bet on the individual performance of the players.

To conclude, if you share the love for cricket as entertainment, you should definitely try making bets on it.

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