What are the Design Tips of Audio System PCB


In this project, we are going to make a Headphone/Audio Amplifier by using self-designed audio system PCB. This project is principally designed for amplifying the audio signal from the headphones however we will additionally use it for amplifying the subwoofer or speaker output, just by switching few jumpers. This circuit is made in such a way that user can not only use it as Headphone Amplifier but also can drive a subwoofer speaker or normal speaker (4 ohms) and can get an amazingly loud sound through the speaker. To switch it between these two modes we have used three jumpers here. So if the user wants to drive a subwoofer speaker then he/she just needs to configure these jumpers, as we have explained below.


Locate and voltage regulators that are employed by the audio circuitry close to rectifiers / PSU input and connect with their own connections additionally. He last takes a look at run provides a baseline for the amplifier’s performance. Compare this result to the previous series of test runs. The comparison can determine the amplifier pins most at risk of RF reception. Given this knowledge, an audio PCB can be optimized to reduce the amount of RF noise coupled into the amplifier pins.


Audio Circuit and PCB Design Tips


Designing audio circuits remains a challenge and aspects of it are still typically thought of a small amount of necromancy. Hope that more makers could contribute to the promotion of Assistive Technology. Even the simplest styles typically got to build over one PCB to provide a top-quality noise-free design.


Power Supplies & Grounds


Transformers are great for powering audio circuits, especially because you can use separate windings to power different parts of your overall circuit with each winding being completely isolated from each other.


It’s not that you should never use switch-mode power supplies, but if you are designing a product that could use a transformer don’t just blindly use a switch-mode PSU because that’s what you always use. Also, remember that it’s often not expensive to have transformers wound to your own specifications for a particular product.


Recommendations on the way to build Your PCB Entries Stand Out


  1. Choose a suitable colour of solder mask and silkscreen for your PCB project.


  1. A lot of careful project’s description is, the better judges and other makers understand it.

FYI, it’s a decent plan to insert a video, currently, our platform supports “YouTube” and “Vimeo”.


  1. Open for Gerber download and BOM download. There will be different manufacturers asking questions about your PCB project, and timely responses and multiple interactions will be additional points.


  1. We additionally encourage you to transfer a lot of entries concerning helpful Technology (AT) by supporting a special award, “AT Maker Prize”.




Where attainable avoid in and out audio signals to and from IC’s running in parallel on the PCB as this could cause oscillations that feed on the output back to the input. Remember just 5mV can cause plenty of hum. Keep digital ground planes off from audio GND and audio circuitry typically. Hum is introduced into audio merely from tracks being too close to digital planes.


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