Does your DR Backup have Direct Spin Up Infrastructure

Any business, who is on a mission to achieve success cannot afford even the slightest uncertainty, and with it comes to downtime, it is taken as a virus, which is removed immediately. Simply put, a business cannot afford downtime as it would disrupt operations, and to achieve that, every business must have a direct spin up infrastructure in its DR System.

What is Direct Spin Up Infrastructure?

Let’s turn it down a notch. Let’s first understand what exactly is a direct spin up. Direct Spin Up is the ability to ‘spin up’ Virtual Machines directly on the backup appliance. This leads to lower RTOs, less than 15 minutes, and helps greatly in instant recovery. Cloud connect backup is a good option to do effective data backups.

How did it help in DR?

You can directly spin up your virtual machines onto your backup appliance benefits a business greatly in terms of recoverability speed. This leads to very fewer RTOs. RTO is known as the Recovery Time Objective. It means the time it takes for a business or a company to recover its files.

Now, the ideal RTO time can be subjective. It may depend on a business that how much downtime they can afford as RTO directly affects downtime. For instance, if a business can afford 1 hour of downtime, then their best suited RTO would be less than 1 hour. If a company cannot afford downtime greater than 30 minutes, than the ideal RTO, for them, would be less than 30 minutes.

Ideally, RTO should not be greater than 15 minutes at most. Infect, it should be less than 15 minutes. This is because many fast-paced businesses and companies cannot afford any downtime, so for them having a minimum RTO is critical.

StoneFly’s Disaster Recovery Solution

With a huge demand for less RTOs and less downtime, StoneFly enjoys a competitive edge as it offers disaster recovery appliance with a downtime of fewer than 15 minutes.

StoneFly’s DR365 and DR365V are purposes built; cloud-enabled backup and disaster recovery appliances, which can be scaled up (for more storage) and scaled out (for more performance) with RTOs and RPOs less than 15 minutes.

With the ability to directly spin up VMs on the backup appliance, enables businesses with mission-critical data to gain instant recovery of their files and systems.


Obtaining fewer RTOs and RPOs is critical for a business that deals with mission-critical data. They cannot afford the slightest of downtime, and having the ability to directly spin up VMs on the backup and recovery appliance help achieve that.  Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is essential for smooth business continuity. I save your data from cyber-attacks and Other Disasters. You can access your data in Disasters too when your on-premises data is lost.

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