DVSA Database and MOT Checks

DVSA Database and MOT Checks

So many more government services are online these days, and it’s certainly made our lives easier. Gone are paper tax discs, filling in paper forms to calculate your tax, and lots of other official paperwork too. One of the consequences of this move to digital is that we can all get a lot more information about MOT, both the car’s current status and the history of the car too.

Current Status

One of the most used services on the DVSA website is to check the current status of a car in terms of its tax and MOT. All you need to do this is the car’s registration number. Enter the registration into the website, and then confirm the make and model before seeing the full information about the vehicle. Ticks in the boxes for car tax and MOT confirms that your car is taxed and has a valid MOT. You can run this check on any car, as long as you know the registration number. It’s a tool many people use to check up on abandoned cars in their street.

MOT History

If you’re buying a used car, you can also check up on its MOT history. Again, all you need is the registration number. The DVSA database will display all the MOT details held about the car since 2005. The web page will show the type of car and its colour, along with whether it is petrol or diesel.

Once you’re on the page for the right car, you’ll see all previous MOT results. On the left, either pass or fail will be listed in large capital letters – it’s hard to miss. You can also see the mileage of the car at the previous test. Look back through the years to check that there’s no fiddling of the mileage between tests. If the car has failed a previous MOT, the details of this will be given. The website will also list any advisory items on a previous MOT. It’s a good way of getting an idea of the mechanical history of a car, and working out whether the price being charged is fair. This is a very popular service, with around 4.5 million searches on the website every year.

Future Developments

There is lots of information on the DVSA website about their future plans for adding more information to the database. One of the most recent additions is information about outstanding manufacturer safety recalls on a car. Test details for lorries and buses are due to be added shortly, as the current information just covers cars, motorcycles, minibuses and vans. Northern Irish MOT will also be available online in the near future. In the longer term, the government is looking at combining all different databases about drivers and cars into one website. However, with bigger issues such as Brexit taking up so much government time, it seems likely that we could all be waiting quite some time for this to happen.

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