Fatal Weight Loss Techniques Obese People Should Avoid

Obesity is a curse as it lowers the quality, as well as the span of life. However, adopting unverified weight loss techniques and methods can cause death as well. Obesity is among the major health challenges in the UAE. According to research, 24% adult males and 40% of adult females in the UAE suffer from obesity.

The health challenges of obesity force people to look for weight loss programs. They often trust the fatal programs, which take their life. Doing background research is essential before trusting the weight loss programs. Not all methods and techniques are hazardous, and some professional’s help people healthily lose excess weight.

The well-informed public takes help from weight loss Dubai based clinicians and ensures to achieve a healthy body mass index through safe means. Feel free to explore this article if you want to know which programs are hazardous and can take your life instead of making you healthy and active.

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Top 4 Weight Loss Practices which are actually killing you

Not all weight loss programs are trustable. Some can cause more harm than good. It is the responsibility of every person seeking the treatment to get knowledge about the effectiveness of programs.

Below mentioned is the list of some fatal weight loss programs which you should never adapt to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

  • Starving your Body

A general misconception among the public is that weight gain and loss solely depend on diet. Therefore, some people starve themselves to lose weight. However, it is the most hazardous practice which can impact the functioning of all organs. According to research, one out of five deaths across the globe is due to poor diet, and more people die due to starvation than due to excess eating. So, never starve your body and adopt a healthy diet plan.

  • Detoxing Plans

Some people use medicines or injections for the purpose of detoxifying their bodies. The method removes toxins, water, and stool from their systems. However, it is not limited to it. The detoxing plans also remove healthy toxins and electrolytes from the body and cause dehydration due to water removal. In serious cases, it can cause death, and normally, it stops the healthy functioning of the body, so never use the detoxing plans.

  • Plastic Tongue Patches

This is one of the most brutal and torturous weight-loss methods which should be banned by human rights counsel. A plastic patch is fixed on the tongue of the person, which makes eating, speaking, and the mere existence painful. People cannot eat and drink for up to a month, and after that, the patch dissolves. It causes the most harm to the human body and should never be used.

  • Weight Trainers and Suits

Weight loss trainers are the most deceiving endeavour which causes harm to the human body, as well as their pocket. These trainers claim to suck extra fat from the body; however, they only put pressure on the organs and disturb their healthy functioning. The trainers or suits may not kill the person, but they do ruin the body structures, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Want to lose weight in a healthy manner?

Well, it is the right of every person to maintain a healthy body mass index and lose weight if they need it for this purpose. You can also lose weight but do a little research about the impacts of the program. You can take the help of weight loss Dubai based experts and ensure to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. You can also ensure to get expert advice about healthy diet plans, which will help your weight loss endeavor and Proven ways to burn fat fast.

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