GTA 4 Apk + OBB For Android

Did you ever play GTA games ? If you played before why would you miss playing GTA 4, Download GTA 4 Apk + OBB for android, If you look at any GTA games gameplay you will fall love immediately because graphics, music, design everything is awesome.

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GTA 4 Appk + OBB For Android

Playstation, android gameplay variation will be very little but we can feel good, but once you start playing continually you can play hours of the game, actually, this is open world city map game, you can enter any place, no rules, etc.

Many people told me but I didn’t play once I tried in free time till now I’m playing the game very interested, there are many games like we 2k19, we 2k20, vice city, san Andreas, GTA 3.

It is to play GTA 4, 5 both have huge searches.


How I played the game, how the features use door me, how I played, what is the gameplay.

You are a hero of the game, you can go anywhere to do whatever you want but escape from the police, you can shoot targeted police vehicles, citizens, through them out of the car take the vehicle and enjoy, voice, music support is completely nice.

No need obey rules, like this way you can fully enjoy the game, everything is good.

Now I am playing the fan made GTA 4 APK + OBB without a problem, My phone containing 4GB RAM, 32 GB ROM.

Download GTA 4 

size 230 MB.

I hope you can play the game.



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