How Can Mentors Help Students Develop?

Are you searching for the definition of a perfect mentor?

John C Crosby brought a dialect “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

What’s the Perfect Definition of a Mentor?

A mentor is a vastly experienced and expert teacher who provides guidance, motivation and emotional support to students.

He is also a coach who stands out as a model of effective teaching and sharing practice to a student. The mentor, as a critical friend, can recognize him/her as an individual and can monitor him/her to teach and develop skills and knowledge to succeed.

As an academic advisor, s/he forwards the exact method and practice of preparing a respective subject thoroughly. Thus, their relationship is very reciprocal and mutually beneficial. Both the parties have the liabilities to acknowledge and resolve respective issues. The mentor uses his own experiences to fix the problems by guiding the mentees towards the answer instead of being the answer himself.

It can be assumed that you need to ask the right question as it is the simplest way of focused thinking. In the process of building the relationship, the mentor often gives immediate support to the mentee at the initial stage of the training and learning activity as their perception of the teaching process is little and naive.

One of the primary goals of the mentor is to encourage the student for independent thinking by increasing and strengthening his learning process. Mentoring is an intricate training process which includes a complex range of training activities.

In the whole world, every high doer is inspired dramatically by a mentor. Everybody needs a mentor in life.

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What should be the goals of a mentor?

The long-term goals can be set as:

  • Being a stronger leader
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Participate in seminars and webinar series
  • Improve confidence skills
  • Taking care of presentation and public speaking skills
  • Maintaining a proper work-life balance
  • Be a better manager
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Planning and development
  • Proper assessment of people’s skills

What should a student look for in a mentor?

  • A senior who works in the student’s areas of interest
  • A person who is comfortable to communicate
  • A person with whom you can get along with ease
  • A person you feel to respect from your heart
  • A person whose activities and talks inspire you
  • An individual having an extensive network of professionals in the same industry

Every Harry Potter must get his Dumbledore. Mentors not only help in the academic field but also in the areas of career, hobbies, personal life, etc.

How does a mentor influence the mentee?

  • Mentors act as bridges

The person may not sit for the interview and grab a job or admission in school/college on your behalf, but he/she can introduce you to the right individual who can help you in your progress.

  • Mentors are Observants

They listen minutely to their mentees and acquire knowledge about their skills, passions, strengths, weakness, dreams, intentions, wishes, etc. They find potential objectives and opportunities for boosting the learners’ skills.

  • Mentors are accessible

If anyone claims to be an adviser, s/he must respond to the text messages, phone calls and tweets of the trainees. Both must maintain regular contact with each other.

  • Mentors always encourage the mentees

Upliftment is essential to achieve success. A mentor is a person who does the needful for his mentee. If someone is venturing into a new domain, he/must is stimulated by the guide. After getting the victory, both must celebrate together.

Mentors are after all mentees themselves. They also have idols in their life whom they follow. The advisers also take advice from others and proceed with their works. One mentor creates another mentor. Mentees are inspired by their mentors to become confidants.

Oprah Winfrey has rightly remarked that a mentor is someone who lets you behold your inner hope. Mentors usually see more talents in you than you can view yourself. He/she brings out the potentials and creates the best. The leadership is the capacity for rendering the vision into reality.

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