Interesting ways to pick lottery numbers

Interesting ways to pick lottery numbers

Despite the lottery being a game of chance, you need to have a specific method of choosing numbers when playing it. The approach you adopt when selecting numbers doesn’t guarantee you a win, but your intention is to be organized while undertaking the task. If you’re thinking about how to pick lottery numbers, stay tuned for useful tips and tricks.

How to pick lottery numbers

When choosing the lottery numbers, there are various approaches that you can take. While some may apply scientific methods, others may opt to select the numbers randomly.

Choose frequently selected numbers

Top-notch bookies provide a chart to bettors that indicate the frequently chosen numbers. For example, the table may show how often number 5 was selected between 2015 and 2017 by bettors playing Powerball. Because each lottery game has its own frequency, it’s critical to look at the right chart that has the numbers for the lottery you’re playing.

Trust your feelings

Some winners choose numbers according to their tastes. Occasionally, it’s advisable to select numbers according to your senses. This approach, however, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win the lottery; you’re only using it to choose the numbers.

Choose numbers randomly 

Random selection is another method that you can adopt while selecting lottery numbers. There are a number of techniques that you can apply in random selection. For instance, you can choose numbers that alternate between even and odd numbers. Whichever method you choose, it’s critical to remember that random selection of numbers doesn’t provide you any assurance of winning.

In case you’re not confident of choosing the numbers manually, you can apply the random number generator (RNG) for quick picks. The importance of this method is that it’s objective and doesn’t rely on the biases of human selection.

Birthdays and special anniversaries 

Some people choose lottery numbers that reflect their birthdays and specific anniversaries. In case you take this approach, it’s important to remember that many people use it, and the likelihood of sharing the lottery prize if you win is high. Because all the numbers on the range stand an equal chance of winning, it’s vital to choose numbers from the whole field. This means that you should select some figures that are below 31 and others that are above it.

Repetition in your favorite songs

In case you love songs, listen to them and take note of how the favourite words are repeated. For instance, if the word ‘love’ is repeated three times in the first stanza, you should choose number three. Follow this sequence in the subsequent verses.

Ages of celebs

Celebrities are people who’re well known for their exceptional achievements. They represent fortune and wealth. Using their ages when choosing lotto numbers can be a good idea. Do some research to enable you to understand the ages of celebrities in your country?

Convert your favourite word into numbers

Your best words are goldmines that can offer you lottery numbers. For instance, you can choose a name with six characters and assign each character the number according to the alphabetic order. For example, the word passion can be:








You should, however, note that this approach can only give you numbers ranging between 1 and 26. You should apply other methods of choosing numbers above the range.


Although the methods that you apply when choosing lottery numbers don’t guarantee you a win, it’s critical to apply to select your numbers using a specific criterion. Some of the methods you can apply are listed and explained above.

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