Kalsubai Peak Trek 2019: Reach for the sky!, Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India

About Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai is a mountain in the Western Ghats, situated in the Indian province of Maharashtra. Its summit arranged at a rise of 1646 meters or 5400 feet is the most elevated point in Maharashtra. The mountain goes in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary. It is visited during the time by ardent trekkers, Kalsubai sanctuary aficionados, and natural life fans the same. Kalsubai Shikhar is most noteworthy in Maharashtra. It offers telling perspectives on Bhandardara. We can go without much stretch spot smooth path on new moon day from here.

Kalsubai Peak Temple

Kalsubai sanctuary is situated at the highest summit. At the summit, there is a plain ground with the little sanctuary of Kalsubai, a nearby divinity. A customary petition administration is held each Tuesday and Thursday by a nearby cleric. Neighborhood townspeople sell the pooja materials practically throughout the entire year while sending their dairy animals for brushing.

On Navratri events, numerous slows down are set up on the summit for the pooja materials. During the Navratri time frame, for every one of the nine days, extraordinary poojas are done, and the symbol is completely enriched. Unique Mela reasonable is sorted out for Navratri. You ought to abstain from trekking during Navratri at Kalsubai Peak as a huge number of aficionados come to supplicate.

The most effective method to reach Kalsubai Peak

Reach Kasara Railway Station

Take neighborhood Taxi till base town Bari

By Road Mumbai – Kasara – Igatpuri – Ghoti – Bari Village

Kalsubai Trek from Pune By Road Pune – Sangamner – Rajur – Bhandardara – Bari

Kalsubai Trek course is very much checked

The neighborhood manages regularly go with climbers to the summit

Nearby Villagers offer homestay and nourishment alternative

Numerous cafés are accessible till Bari Village

Best time to visit Kalsubai Peak

Best Time to Visit Kalsubai Peak – June to August for Monsoon Trek, September to October for blooms trek, November to May night treks are suggested. During May end, you can see the cover of pre-rainstorm mists underneath the pinnacle. Presently outdoors is accessible at Kalsubai after rainstorm closes. During the storm, outdoors is beyond the realm of imagination as solid breezes and rains will overwhelm the tent.

Kalsubai Trek Climb Difficulty – Medium Grade

Shikhar Kalsubai trek is long can take as long as 4 hours; The Hiking trail is 6.6 km from Bari town. Novices with great wellness or ordinary trekkers can finish the trek in 3 hours. It will take 3 to 4 hours time to finish the trek one way you ought to stay away from evening move as the Kalsubai Shikhar trek course has next to no tree spread. During the storm, a great many trekkers please ends of the week stepping stool area can become busy likewise see from the top isn’t accessible as the entire mountain is canvassed in thick mist.

Kalsubai Peak Trek – Blog

It takes 3 hours time to reach the Kalsubai Shikhar summit from Bari Village. Nourishment can be organized at the base town by neighborhood townspeople. Kalsubai Trekking Route is in every case loaded with individuals visiting it for the different explanations some to vanquish the most elevated top in Maharashtra, some trek to Kalsubai to visit Mandir and offer petitions to nearby god Kalsubai.

You will consistently discover individuals trekking on this course. There are scarcely any cottages en route who sell Nimbu Pani, Maggi, Tea, Onion Bhaji. They assume a significant job as they keep trekkers hydrated and great on vitality by giving tidbits and refreshments after interims.

Kalsubai Monsoon Trek

During Monsoon, the place is secured with haze, and the wind is extremely solid at Mount Kalsubai. Kalsubai Trekking experience there are three stepping stools that have been introduced by local people to make the trekking course till Mount Kalsubai Shikhar simple.

At the point when you arrive at the cut advances and later stepping stool from Bari Village, you would have secured 1/third of the trek. After every one of the stepping, stools are more than 2/third of the Trek is been finishing. After a better than average stroll on the level, you will arrive at the last stepping stool till the Kalsubai summit. If you don’t mind, convey enough water with you in any event 3 liters and light consistently with you on this trek.


Trekking Kalsubai Peak can be tiring convey nourishment and water for vitality. A little well is there before coming to Kalsubai top. A resident has set camp there and offers Pakoda and Tea. Pinnacle Kalsubai is a little level and offers an ordering perspective on close by posts and Bhandardara Dam. During a rainstorm, the wind is exceptionally solid at Peak Kalsubai. You can likewise do a night trek in winter and appreciate the excellent Sunrise at Kalsubai. It gets freezing on Kalsubai before dawn with the solid breeze.

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