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Kinemaster application , it is the best app for editing and it makes the video extraordinarily and naturally .
In this app it has a beautiful effects which you love and makes the video fantabulously .
In this app you have a lot of options which makes you stunning .
1) Media
4) Audio
Firstly select the media option and select the picture you need and then it will opens a lot of options .
1)Clip graphics
2) Colour filter
3) Colour adjustment
4) Vignette
This is the best options in this app .
This options make the beautiful effects to the image .
Next select the layer option .
1) Media
2) Effect
3) Overlay
5) Handwriting
It gives a fantabulous result to the video which makes the video very effectively and gracefully .
If you select the media and select the image .
It gives some options .
1) In animation
2) out animation
3)Overall animation
4) Chromo key
5) Cropping
6) Alpha (opacity)
7) Colour filter
8) Rotate / mirroring
9)Colour adjustment
10) Volume envelope
11) Audio filter
12) Blending
13) Information
Select the options and add fantabulously video .
Blending option is one of the best option which required for every editing video .
1) Sub options for in animation
None , fade , pop , spin up , spin down, slide right , slide left , spin CW , spin CCW , scale up , scale down , converge , wipe up , wipe down , wipe left , wipe right , scale up , scale down , pop up , pop downward , pop outward, enter slide up , enter slide down , enter slide right , enter slide down , rubber stamp .
2) sub options for overall animation
Blink slow , flicker, pulse , jitter , fountain , ring , floating , drifting and so on .
3) sub options for out animation
None , fade , pop , spin up , spin down, slide right , slide left , spin CW , spin CCW , scale up , scale down , converge , snap inward , snap closed , snap up , snap down etc .
4) chromo key it is the best way to create beautiful videos .
Blending option has a lot of sub options which makes the video fanatic.
None , overlay , screen , multiply , soft light , hard light , softening , darkening , colour burn .

The over all effects makes the video marvellously .
It is one of the best app for editing .
Most of the professional editors use this app for there requirements .
It gives beautiful effects , smoke effects , crackers effects and all the beautiful effects which makes the video stunning .
Use the text option to make the video very fantabulously .
You can make text on the video which you want to express .
Use the handwriting option and write what you need.
You can add the templates , videos , images and all the files which you want to add.

You can give a audio to the images .
And you can add the songs which you need .
And you can use the voice option and add the recorded voice .
Use All these effects and make a fantastic video by your own .

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