Make a perfect match of your Handbag with Cashmere scarf for daily wear is one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of custom modal cashmere scarves in India, providing customized scarves with digital printing or modern designs. Made of lightweight cashmere silk, it is very soft, comfortable, warm and skin-friendly, durable and maintains colour stability for the skin. Create your autumn look perfectly, warming you without real wool. Woman winter blanket scarf is perfect for cold days and stays warm in office or outdoors. Travel or anywhere, weather changes, cool evenings and so on.

Qualities of Cashmere Scarves

These scarves are lightweight, suitable for all occasions or activities. You can wear a soft, thick scarf for hiking, going out or travelling, shopping, skiing, biking, hiking, exploring, watching movies or dancing, singing or picnicking. A cashmere scarf in this winter is perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift for a lover, family, friend or colleague. How is cashmere wool produced? How do you turn raw cashmere wool into a warm cashmere scarf or a shawl in perfect elegance?

The cashmere scarves have a dense and silky hairy layer that extends from the neck to the abdomen, protecting the wearer from the cold in the freezing weather. With spring, these unique fibres are collected by combing the cashmere goats to obtain raw cashmere. Traditionally, cashmere was obtained by collecting tangles that the goats rubbed on the surrounding bushes and rocks to get rid of this warm wool layer. Over time, for manufacturers, combing cashmere wool has become an important part of the production process.

How pure Cashmere is obtained?

Cashmere wool is only collected by combing from the neck of the goats, the upper part of their body is thicker and coarse structure is not suitable to touch. The amount of cashmere wool that can be obtained by Cashmere Scarves Manufacturers from a goat for about 150 grams throughout the year is around 15 thousand tons per year. Cashmere is considered a unique and very rare natural textile product due to its low availability.

After the raw cashmere is collected, it is washed and separated. After the feathers of poor quality are extracted, the wool is spun, dyed and dried. After all these processes, the most important step is hand-processing. Traditionally hand-made or automatic production of cashmere is the decisive factor for the quality of the product to be produced. All the products we offer in our online store are made with love. We preserve all the features that make cashmere scarves or shawls look good on you.

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