How To Make Wedding Arches DIY

How To Make Wedding Arches DIY

All weddings need something special. The right touches add personality and the kind of life that brides want on their personal special day. One way to bring something pleasing to the eyes is with the use of wedding arches. Wedding arches provide the bride and groom with a place that can be used to frame pictures and gather members of the bridal party in a single place. Not only do they and lots of personality and life. They can also be made at home using some basic and easily available materials.

Enough Time

One of the most important things to bear in mind is allowing enough time to get the structure in place and ready for guests. This ideally means at least an hour to get it up and running. It is is a good idea to think about a dry run before you begin to construct that for real. This helps you work out the potential problems that might exist before that structure is up and ready for people to use at the wedding.

Measure the Space

Measuring space is a crucial first step. People should go to space where it is being constructed before they do anything else. If it is being held in a backyard, it’s a good idea to go to that area. If that is not possible, it is best to contact the facility over the phone. Explain what the person is planning to do before they do it. A manager can help by telling the person where they are likely to have it in place. They can also help by providing the person with accurate information about the space.

Determine Height and Width

Height and width are two measurements that need to be understood before doing anything else. The height of the space will make sure the wedding arches are set up with the height that all of the people attending the wedding need when they walk through that arch. The same is true of the wedding arch width. The best width is the size that allows enough people to pass through it at the same time when needed. A longer width is a necessity when there are lots of people who are going to pose in front of it.

Gather Your Materials

Materials are another thing in bear in mind when constructing the wedding arches. You’ll want to have items like florist foam in place before you start. You’ll also need materials that can form the base of the arch. You can buy wires that will bend to the shape you have in mind in the finished product. You can also use other types of material such as a strong base of thicker metal that can serve as the base of the plan for your wedding arches. If you are on a budget, it’s a good idea to think about renting these heavy materials. Some places will even deliver them to you.

Add Lots of Detail

Once constructing the base, it is time to add in lots of amazing details. Now is the time to bring the structure to life. Think about the kind of details that make any wedding a lot of fun. For example, there might be a color scheme that the bride and groom have chosen. Take those colors and bring them to the decoration of the wedding arch you’ve put up. Balloons in colors that the bridal party is using will make really great pictures that everyone can admire. Flowers and ribbons add in fabulous touches.

Secure it to the Ground

After the project is largely finished, now is the time to make sure it is secured firmly to the ground. The arches need to be in place to avoid topping over. Even mild winds can push it forward and lead to the destruction of your hard work. The arch should be firmly secured in every direction. It’s imperative to make sure the base is in place. The same is true of any kind of detail that you’ve put in place. You’ll want to keep items like ribbons and brightly colored balloons from blowing away.

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