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Movierulz: In this technology-driven world, we all love watching movies on weekends with our loved ones. But there are times when you don’t feel like spending few bucks to watch movies in theatres. Even there are possibilities when you are in short of cash due to financial crisis.

In such crisis, individuals rely on pirated websites. Yes, there are many pirated websites which are successfully running in our country. Tamilrockers is a popular website when it comes to leaked movies.

On the other hand, Movierulz URL is another emerging website which is consistently leaking movies since past couple of years.Let’s learn more about Movierulz.

What is Movierulz website?

Movierulz 2019 is an active public website which is famous for leaking all the Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies before its release. Movierulz is mostly renowned for leaking Telugu movies.

You can even consider this website as Movierulz Telugu. You can access all the pirated versions of Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and other regional language movies. In the current scenario, Movierulz is giving a fierce competition to other websites.

You can enjoy high-quality movies without spending a penny through this website. Movierulz website is easily accessible without any restrictions.

Why is Movierulz website so popular?

The fan following or viewers of Movierulz is basically from the southern part of our country. This website is mostly famous for Telugu movies. Do you also love watching Telugu movies? If yes, then you’ll surely love Movierulz website link.

According to the latest stats, more than 60% of Movierulz users are from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Movierulz is a feature-rich website, and the interface is quite user-friendly.

You can easily access your favorite movies from the categories mentioned on the site. If you are a new user, then it might be challenging for you to find the current active Movierulz new domain.

Apart from all, users experience fewer advertisements while accessing the website. Movierulz website always takes care of its users. Hence they always try their best to leak the upcoming movie before its release.

You’ll be shocked to know that Movierulz gathers millions of views daily. This website has a decent following in Middle East and European countries. Even the international pirated websites developers are also supporting this website.

Due to international fan following, Movierulz also uploads serials and movies from different countries in various dubbed languages. But accessing or downloading any content from such websites is illegal. If you are planning to download any content then do it on your own risk.

What is the real source of income for Movierulz?

You’ll be shocked after knowing about Movierulz’s source of income. But we are the viewers who generate revenue for such websites. The supporters of Movierulz are basically from India. The Indian population is supporting Movierulz, especially the South-Indians.

As we all know, there are many advertisers who initiate ads on websites. But, when it comes to pirated sites, things are different. There are veryfew advertisers who support such websites.

Yes, the regional advertisers who initiate ads on Movierulz are just for the sake of promotion. Apart from that there are few international advertisers who are also supporting Movierulz new link.

This website earns 30 to 40% of its income from advertisements. The remaining are the viewers who download the movies and music in millions. More than millions of content is downloaded in a day.

You will be shocked to know that Movierulz is earing lacs of rupees in a month. Though there is not much support in terms of advertisements from our country. Still, they are making a good amount of money. The team members of Movierulz are consistently expanding their services for their loyal users.

The secondary source of income is the International funding from the viewers and supporters. This was all about the Movierulz source of income which is quite unbelievable.

How can you download movies from Movierulz website?

  • The first website of Movierulz is banned by the Indian government. Therefore like Tamilrockers, Movierulz keeps on changing the domains for security purposes.
  • But the team members of Movierulz are changing the domains to continue their services for the users. You can search on Google for the latest domains of Movierulz. Few recent domains of Movierulz are movierulz.pz, etc. In the beginning, it takes time to find the active domain, but once you are familiar with it, you’ll not experience any issues.
  • Once you know the active domain, just search it on any secured browser. Remember turning on the incognito browsing is the best method to access such pirated websites.
  • Once you can access the website, scroll down for the categories section. In this section, you can find all the movies and songs. The recently leaked movies will be seen in the trending section.
  • You can choose any movie and the video quality you need. You can now easily proceed with the downloading process. Now you can watch your film in a comfort zone.

Downloading movies from such pirated websites is genuinely illegal. Even there is no assurance that every downloaded film or music is virus and malware-free.

It can even damage your smartphone or laptop. Remember if you are downloading or accessing a pirated website then you’ll also be named as a team member of that particular website. Yes, you’ll not believe it, but it’s true.

Is it safe to download content from Movierulz ?

The answer to this question is a big “N0.’’ It’s not entirely safe to download any content from Movierulz or any other pirated website. Whenever an original copyright content is leaked and converted into a pirated content, it’s an illegal action. You can even land up into a problematic situation while accessing such content.

There is a myth in our country that the government doesn’t take legal actions in such cases. But rules of government are updating, and soon such pirated websites will come to an end. Yes, true piracy will not work anymore in our country.

When it comes to Movierulz, you are the one who is the supporter of this website. Undoubtedly, you shouldn’t access such pirated websites. Yes, you might be trusting on piracy websites like Movierulz, but things can be changed anytime, nothing is pre-planned.

As an Indian citizen, it’s our responsibility to report every piracy websites which are running in our country. Rather than, we all are supporting and downloading the content, which is indeed wrong. Therefore downloading any kind of pirated material will be your own risk.

Why are such pirated websites so popular in India?

In this technology-driven world, our youth generation is addicted to smartphones and movies. Whether it’s a flop movie, our youth generation still loves watching such films for the sake of enjoyment.

But there are times when many individuals don’t want to spend their hard-earned cash to watch movies.

But who doesn’t love watching high-quality movies without spending a single buck? Yes, when such situations occur, people rely on such pirated websites.

Pirated websites never attract users, but viewers tend to access Movierulz, Tamilrockers etc. In this technology-driven and crazy world of internet, pirated sites are mostly encouraged by our youth generation.

If you are the one who is thinking to access such websites, please read all the terms and conditions. But, the popularity of these pirated websites is rising gradually.

We all don’t know that when government will take an intense legal action against them. Till then you should keep reporting pirated sites and encourage everyone to stop downloading leaked movies.

Movierulz online application

Yes, the piracy doesn’t end; Movierulz also has an application which is known as Movierulz TV. In this application you can watch all the trending movies which are displayed in the theatres. Apart from that you can watch the leaked trailers of all the upcoming films.

There are various documentaries and web series available on this application. Movierulz TV is also a part of piracy but not much. The website of Movierulz wholly consists of leaked movies and music.

You can easily download Movierulz TV using your secured browser. There are many application providers which consist of this application. But again it’s not safe to download and access this application.

It can even damage your smartphone severely. The best feature of this application is the Suggestbox, where it recommends you the best content according to your search history. There are many other significant features of Movierulz TV which you’ll surely love while using it.

This was all about your favourite piracy website, Movierulz. In simpler words, there are many pros and cons of this website. It depends on various factors when it comes to downloading leaked movies.

It is always advised to spend some money and watch in the theatres. Even users can have patience and wait until the movie is uploaded on a legal website. I hope this article will surely help you to deeply know more about Movierulz New website.

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