Why do people have to apply for a birth certificate?

Why do people have to apply for a birth certificate?

One of the most important documents any individual needs to have is a birth certificate. These are needed if they want to handle any documentation process even at a later point in life. People might be asked for their ​birth certificate​ when they are applying for their admission at an early age to something like having a family member apply for their death certificate. Other than the two extremes, birth certificates are needed to apply for all Government documentation processes, including ration cards, election cards, PAN cards, Aadhaar cards and so on. By right, every individual needs to have their birth certificates and it is the first proof of identification that they would have.

What is the fastest way to get your birth certificate?

There are multiple ways of getting a birth certificate and the fastest one is through the website which takes almost no time. This entire process takes only a few minutes if the person going through it has all their paperwork and supporting documentation in place. The website allows people to handle multiple ​birth certificate​ related processes in almost no time since the backend handles all the heavy lifting.

Before the coming about of the website, people preferred handling this through the registration office which took a lot of time and multiple trips to get the job done. Applicants had to go to their registered office and gather the applications, fill them out and submit them. In some cases, they were asked for supporting documents as well.

In most cases, the hospital where the child was born helps with this entire process but in other cases, it might have to be handled separately. Many people need more time to provide information like the name of the child and this is sometimes handled at a later time.

What are the other tasks that the website helps with?

The website is one of the best things to help facilitate the creation of birth certificates. In fact, the creation of birth certificates is the main features the website was created for.

The other tasks that it helps with are making ​changes to birth certificates​. Very often, post receiving their birth certificate, people notice that there might be errors in their birth certificates. These have to be sorted out and this takes a lot more time than even applying for a new birth certificate. The website provides all the formats for the letters and a list of the supporting documents so that they can be handled whenever convenient. Post everything being submitted together, the birth certificate would be provided in about a month on the longer side.

The online birth certificate website also assists with applying for a new birth certificate, especially for people who might have misplaced their previous one. This is something that happens to the best of us and unfortunately, we never have the time to search through all our stuff to find it. That is something that the website can handle without us having to worry about anything.


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