Most Probable OTT Industry Trends to Watch Out For In 2020

The year 2019 has been full of exciting upgrades in the OTT industry. The number of cord-cutters kept going up and the industry saw growth of emerging players competing with the stalwarts of the industry. This has been possible due to the ease of acquiring broadcast management and monitoring facilities via one of many service providers.

Presence of cloud management, automated asset QC, and other technology-driven services have made OTT platform launch and monitoring exceptionally convenient and cost-effective. So, the sky is the limit beyond 2019.

Here are the most probably OTT industry trends you can expect in the upcoming year.

  1. More demand for cloud-based broadcasting services

Cloud-based infrastructure attained a solid space in the OTT streaming industry this year. The presence of extensive storage and the ability to launch OTT channels and services in a short span of time have been the driving force of this demand. Cloud-based broadcast services have made scalability possible and highly cost-efficient in the industry. In the coming year, this demand will keep on rising, as the service providers are adding new innovative solutions for tracking content distribution quality. For instance, automated monitoring alerts have made it to the streaming industry, which makes real-time identification of issues and solutions possible, and that too, without the need for extensive manual intervention.

  1. Offline viewing supported by ads

The increasing numbers of OTT subscribers are already attracting advertisers to this sector of marketing. As a result, the industry is finding new ways to improve marketing opportunities for advertisers. And, at the same time, industry leaders are trying to make the content viewing experience more and more convenient for the end-users.

Ad-supported offline video viewing is one such step in the same direction. More VOD providers are adding an offline video feature in their platforms along with the incorporation of offline ad insertion. This trend will increase in the upcoming period to create a win-win condition in terms of AVOD revenue and content viewing experience.

  1. Better use of AI for smart streaming

There have been glimpses of artificial intelligence in the OTT sector. The use of recommendation engines has made a strong position as a use case for artificial intelligence in video streaming platforms. From content discovery to persona segmentation, AI can help the industry players in many ways to personalize the viewing experience and gain higher revenue with smart ad insertion. Hence, you can expect more steps towards AI technologies by OTT services, especially the leading ones.

  1. Streaming low latency UHD videos

As the OTT industry grows in terms of users, the expectations regarding the quality increases as well. This has been happening for the past two years now. So, the industry leaders are eager to improve the video quality to hold on to the viewers. There are already several broadcast service providers offering newly evolved UHD video distribution quality assurance with low latency. The coming year will show a significant increase in the quality of videos with competent CDN choices.

So, it seems like some exciting things are about to happen in the OTT industry.

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