Project Managers – Learn to Lead, Not to Control!

Project Managers - Learn to Lead, Not to Control!

“If you want to fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

You have probably heard this old African proverb. You achieve success when you learn how to tap into the potential of your teammates.

It is also often said that the greatness in your team starts from the leader first, the one who sets the high standards.

Surprisingly, the project managers want the team to perform well and achieve their project goals in time, but they fail to understand that it is not controlling attitude which brings the desired project outcomes rather the leading approach wins in the end.

Today, the organizations around the world do not want the project managers to lead the important and big projects who have controlling nature. They are looking for the professionals who know the art of leadership.

Are you among those controlling project managers?

If, yes! You need to learn how you should lead your team. No one wants to stay behind from their competitors, especially when there are multiple project managers in race for the same critical project.

Do you want to be called a successful project manager in your company?

Needless to say, you should religiously follow these below tips which we have gathered from the world’s top project management professionals.

Here are the most 10 valuable tips:

  • Give your team the freedom to use their skill-sets fully.

The best project managers give their team members scope to use their talent. He or She does not cut their wings to fly. The leaders support their co-piolets to fly high.

It is important to know that a controlling attitude often leads to compliance, but autonomy approach leads to engagement–and, in return, unleashing greatness.

  • Allow them to commit mistakes.

Let your team players know that it is better to fail than to be shy or timid. You need to tell your team that mistakes are part of any process. And they have the power to turn those mistakes into something new and unique.

This does not mean your team members are allowed to commit the same mistakes again, but learning from each setback positively.

  • Mentor them to work together towards a common goal.

Moving towards a common goal is the beginning of progress for any team, and a concrete sign that they’re on the path to success. It is your job as a project manager to guide them on a common vision. When we work for the same dream then it becomes easy to achieve it.

This also helps you to complete your projects in time.

  • Be a leader and develop leaders within.

Leaders make no difference in their words and actions. Let your team members realize that you value your words. You are committed to what you say. This ultimately helps you to handle any challenging situation.

Encourage your team players to step into their own leadership. Support every team member to move into an appropriate leadership role by empowering and encouraging them.

  • Make an environment of fun and enjoyment.

Everybody performs better when they are calm and happy. Fun is the thing that allows individuals to make it through the hard tasks and overwhelming deadlines, and the best leaders know how to make it work without compromising the team’s professional work ethics or commitment to excellence.

  • Understand the power of EQ.

It is as important as IQ. As a project manager, if your emotional abilities are not in your hand, it will hamper your performance. If you do not have a self-awareness or empathy, you cannot handle and lead your team positively.

It can be hard to understand, but the research has shown how badly it affects our decision making and overall well-being for that matter.

All the successful world leaders and project managers across the globe have understood today the power and importance of EQ in their professional life.

  • Remaining agile and flexible.

Great project managers embrace agility and honor flexibility because they understand the change process. They know this is a prerequisite to true leadership in many ways.

Becoming an agile and flexible project manager aligns with the need for your team members to be collaborative and cooperative, and it aligns & empowers teams to hold those qualities strongly.

  • Accept and admit that you don’t have all the answers.

It is a paramount quality of any leader to admit that you cannot have all the answers. Let your team members see this your honest and transparent side. As a project manager, you should not pretend to have all the knowledge of something.

Collective problem-solving is a fundamental thing in tackling the difficult task. In the end, projects’ accomplishment counts the most for all.

  • Be accessible and available.

Your team members may need you anytime. Make sure you are connected to them through phone or email. Solving their doubts and supporting them when they need you the most are two significant factors for you as a project manager.

  • Create win-win situations.

The higher achievements come not from beating others out, but from creating win-win solutions for all. Everybody benefits from little gains along the way, and the more opportunities you create, the bigger the benefit you seize as a team.

To sum it up.

Focusing on developing your team members’ skill-sets and improving your project success ratio can never be anything other than a great thing for you as a project management professional.

As a project manager, you can reach the summit of professional career today with multiple options. The project management certification has been one of the finest and highly demanded certification training courses by project managers today.

If you want to unleash your true potential as a project manager then you cannot and should not afford to catch the pace of today’s business world.

You must see and do what your other competitors are striving for to reach a higher level in their project management career.

Let us leave you with this beautiful thought-provoking Chinese proverb.

‘‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’’

We hope, this is your second best time to act on your thought.

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