The Right Way to your Dream Body

The Right Way to your Dream Body

In today’s busy and hectic lifestyle, most of us often forget to pay adequate attention to our bodies. There is an absolute lack of physical activity, and we consume fast food due to the lack of time. This has brought about an increase in obesity rates. This, in turn, has made us prone to innumerable diseases like cardiac diseases, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Unfortunately, our generation has a much lower life expectancy than our earlier generations.

In recent times, growing consciousness about health has been observed among people. People have become more and more conscious of what they eat and drink. Most people make it a point to have some physical activity and have resorted to strict diets to keep their Body Mass Index (BMI) in check. People following such diets are cautious of what they eat and drink, and their calorie intake. This helps in avoiding obesity and also helps in reducing weight. One such diet which is known to produce effective results is the keto diet. A healthy keto diet consists of around 75% fat, about 20% protein, and only 5% of carbohydrates per day. However, a keto diet consists of healthy fats and not processed or unhealthy fats. This type of diet helps the body to produce ketones by the process of ketosis, a process in which the body burns fats instead of carbohydrates for energy production.

Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to strictly adhere to a western meal plan to follow the keto diet. There are several easy and affordable keto Indian recipes that are designed specifically for Indian meal plans. Scroll down for some of the most common keto Indian recipes:

· Keto Butter Chicken.

Yes! You can eat butter chicken while on a diet. One does not have to cut down on all their favorite dishes to achieve their dream body. The keto butter chicken is pretty simple to make. Here’s the recipe for the same:

Step 1: Chicken thighs are the best choice to make keto butter chicken as they contain healthy fats. Marinate the pieces of chicken in a mixture of sour cream and spices such as fenugreek, cumin, garam masala, chili powder, and turmeric. These spices add a burst of flavor and color. Marinating the chicken for a good amount of time ensures that the flavors are soaked into the chicken.

Step 2: While the chicken marinates in the fridge, caramelize onions. This adds sweetness to the dish and obliterates the requirement of sugar. It takes almost twenty minutes to get the fragrant caramelization.

Step 3: Add the marinated chicken to get a good sear. The cooking process starts, and the adequately marinated chicken makes it easier to cook. Following this, add ginger and garlic paste, adequate salt, and tomato puree. Mix the ingredients and let it cook on a medium flame for about twenty minutes. Once done, slowly add in whipped cream and stir it till it mixes smoothly.

There, your keto-friendly version of butter chicken is ready to serve.

· Golden Cauliflower Rice

Here’s the recipe for healthy ketogenic cauliflower rice:

After heating olive oil in a pan, add riced cauliflower, ground ginger, turmeric, garlic powder, sliced onions, and salt to taste. Sautee it for 3-5 minutes until it is cooked. Garnish it with parsley, and your delicious cauliflower rice is ready to serve.

These are some of the simplest keto Indian recipes which ensure that you don’t have to cut down on your favorite dishes to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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