Secret keys to deal with defective construction claims in UAE

Just consider the scenario, you are a construction builder and worked on various projects. One day you received a call from the project owner after two years and informed you about the defective construction to his building in the UAE. Now, you have to face the claim for damages! It might be a worse experience for any contractor. But, it is imperative to prepare for the risks and complications in the construction projects.

Nevertheless, the credibility of the contractor is everything in the business. So, it is essential to handle the claims timely to avoid reputation deteriorating factors. For example, if the owner moves to the court, it will risk the contractor’s authenticity. Therefore, it is better to opt for an experienced quantum expert to get accurate measures for resolving the issues comprehensively. No doubt, experts can find out ways to help you get rid of such problems.

However, the article is written to help you avoid the risks of defective construction claims while focusing on a pro-active approach.

How to handle defective construction claims in UAE

The defects related to construction involve the failure of building components after the completion of the project. It can be in the form of water seepage, improper design, and lack of proper installation or other issues. Here are given a few useful ways to take precautionary measures to handle defect claims.

Own the responsibility for the quality

The first and foremost secret to avoid defect claims is to construct buildings with the utmost quality. It requires the contractors to hire experienced project managers and professionally-sound labor to ensure full support for the construction process.

The decisions were taken during the building phase to help in optimizing the work as well as ensure claims-free project delivery. Don’t forget to work for quality rather monetary benefits.

Pay attention to material selection

There is no denying that the material used in the construction is essential to be used while keeping the scope of the project in mind. This will enhance the durability leading to the elimination of dispute risks. Contractors and builders should inspect the material completely before buying it.

Most of the defect claims are related to the material used for construction. So, if you want to avoid the disputes of post-construction, it is better to select high-quality material.

Focus on comprehensive documentation

If you are dealing with various high-scope construction projects in the UAE, you should be careful about the paperwork. It is because proper documentation at every step of the construction can help the contractors on later stages of project delivery.

Not only this, documentation is the solid evidence that can be used at the time of construction claims related to mal-functional components and defects disputes. Don’t forget to keep proper notes of every process, including the material and labor assignment. Share the papers with the owners to ensure trust-building.

Hire financial appraisers and counselors

Last but not least, most of the claims occur owing to a lack of proper understanding of resolving disputes. So, it is better to acquire in-depth knowledge of construction projects in terms of business processes. It can be done by taking assistance from dispute handling consultants.

Not only this, defects should be evaluated to estimate the financial damages for compensation. For this reason, you should acquire the services of quantum experts to get a reliable assessment of potential damages. It will not only help you identify the loss but also define a middle-way of dispute resolution.

A final thought on defect claims handling

Summing up, construction defects are tricky to handle without proper knowledge and expert assistance. The given ways are going to help you get adequate knowledge of defective construction disputes. Don’t forget to seek the assistance of financial appraisers and claim consultants near you for dispute handling!

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