Spy on Children Phone Data with Secret Phone App

Are you concerned about the cell phone use of your children? You must be! Your kid is likely to engage with bullies, predators, scammers, and sex offenders through a mobile phone. It is a piece of cake for online criminals to access and victimize a child with the help of social media platforms, instant messengers, and offline sources as well.

What if your kid is receiving threatening messages from a harasser or getting sexually explicit stuff from a child molester? You must know what stuff your kids have stored on their phones and what their engagements are. This article discusses how parents can secretly spy on kids’ mobile phone devices and get access to data stored on those devices with the use of a secret phone monitoring app.

Cell Phone Monitoring & Parental Control App

Have you ever used a parental control app to manage the mobile phone use of your children? The technologists have developed mobile phone monitoring tools to remotely and secretly spy on a cell phone. This facilitates parents in protecting their children from the menaces of mobile phone technology. The working mom and dads can supervise the cell phone use of their children to make sure they are safe and not involved in wrongdoing.

There are scores of parental control and cell phone tracking apps rightly available. However, the selection of an appropriate app for child monitoring matters. After reviewing the top-notch apps, we have found the best app for mobile phone spying. TheOneSpy can be considered as the most efficient app for spying on kids’ mobile phones and secretly accessing their data. Read on to know how this app works and facilitates child monitoring.

How Secret Phone Monitoring App Work

Once you install the monitoring app on your kid’s phone, you can get access to data saved on the phone’s memory. It includes messages, contacts, phone calls, photos, videos, voice recordings, and more. The app uploads the entire data to the web portal of TOS from where parents can retrieve it anytime. The web portal can also be used to send commands to the targeted device for screen recording, surround recording, or remote controlling apps.

What Data Can be Accessed with Secret Phone Monitoring App

The mobile phone parental control app provides access to important phone data, which includes but not limited to SMS, MMS, calls, media files, internet browsing history, and key logs.

Retrieve Messages

The app creates an online backup of SMS and MMS sent and received by your children. It also uploads SMS logs to the online portal to provide parents with contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Track Phone Calls

The parental control app lets you trace phone calls made and received by your children. It automatically records all inbound, and outbound calls and syncs call logs containing call detail and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Access Social Media Chats

If you want to ensure the online protection of your children, you are needed to supervise their use of social media apps, instant messengers, and other online platforms. The parental control app lets you trace your kids’ chats made via Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout, Kik, Tumblr, Tinder, IMO and many commonly used communication apps. Also, you can capture every activity performed on these online platforms in the form of screenshots or screen recordings.

Retrieve Media

The app provides access to photos, videos, and voice recordings saved on your kids’ devices. It creates an online backup of media files and allows retrieving even deleted photos and videos.

Access and Manage Phone book

The parental control software syncs contacts saved on your kid’s phone and uploads to the web portal of TOS. Parents can make additions and deletions from the Phonebook without accessing the target device and right from the online spy portal.

Surround Recording

You can send directly to the targeted phone to capture surroundings without letting your kids know. The app lets you turn on the microphone and camera of your kid’s android smartphone without having physical access. You can ensure the protection of your kids by keeping tabs on their surroundings. The app lets you take photos and record videos by sending remote commands to the target phone.

Track Passwords

The passwords, usernames, and email addresses put to the monitored android phone can be accessed right from the online control panel of TOS. The app records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted phone and uploaded it to the web portal. There is more you can do using the cell phone monitoring app of TheOneSpy.

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