The 5 best torrent sites in England 2020

The 5 best torrent sites in England 2020

Do you know how torrent sites work?

It is indeed a good question. But you will be surprised to know that torrent site is one portion of the entire torrenting process. Interested to learn about it?

File sharing is mainly the key process in Torrenting. In a general download scenario, when you download any file from the internet, the website will redirect you to the server having the file stored in it. In simple words, the file you have attempted to download is hosted by the server. This is referred to as a Server – client download scenario.

But, the working of torrent is completely different. It has adopted the P2P (Peer to Peer) technology over the Server-client system. As the name suggests, the download is happening from people like you and me instead of a server. So you can also call it a People-People downloading system.

The key difference between both the systems is that in the Peer-to-Peer system, you need not depend on a single person for your download. In this system, you will find that your download is happening simultaneously from different persons. Each person will hold some portion of the file.

You will need a torrent client to download a file. uTorrent is one of the torrent client application. You will be wondering about what is the role of torrent sites in torrenting?

The torrent sites will provide you access to the torrent file and the download of these files is possible with the help of the torrent client. The torrents sites give you access to the torrent files, which you use with a torrent client like uTorrent or Bit Torrent.

You can also use magnet links to open the torrent file directly instead of download options.


We shall now look for the 5 best torrent sites in England 2020.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay – Ranked as the best torrent site of 2020 and also known as ‘Leader of the torrents’. It is one of the most famous torrent sites globally. Founded in 2003, it is the oldest torrent site on the internet. Despite undergoing multiple shutdowns and closures, they are known to emerge out every time with a new web address and a different domain name. All their equipment and computers were seized by police and government in 2014 and they had to shut down for a long time resulting in downtime of their website. However, they came up with a new identity with (Phoenix) as their face. It represents they arise from the ashes.

The main reason why The Pirate Bay is popular is because of its quality content and provides access to millions of torrents related to ebooks, movies, games, TV shows, songs, software, etc. They have a user-friendly interface to access their index. The VIP users or trusted badges help the users identify the real and trustworthy uploaders eliminating the fakers.

You can access the file and download it absolutely free of cost. No need to register yourself for downloading the files. You can choose to stream the torrent directly or via a magnet link.


It is an alternative to the original torrent site ( which was closed in 2016. Torrentz2 can also be called a clone of the Torrentz website which has served as a metasearch engine for Bit torrent. It is an unofficial clone of the original Torrentz and they have retained the old minimalist interface. It is not a torrent site but a torrent search engine that helps you find torrents on several torrent sites. Like Google, it also provides an index of multiple torrent files from around 100s of torrent sites. If you don’t know the start point, simply browse their MyTorrentz section to find out the list of verified torrents for all the categories. You can find a good number of old songs.


This is at the 3rd position of the best torrent sites as per Alexa monitoring tool. It also provides torrent files and magnet links using bit torrent protocol. Founded in 2007, it gained popularity after the shutdown of the Kickass torrents. The owners are conscious of the aesthetics of the website and have recently customized the layout with additional functions. They have moved from to the new domain .to to appear in the to access the site.

It provides a trending list of torrent files and top 100 torrents in addition to the browsing of movies, songs, games, documents. It allows anonymous downloads and playing a torrent file is free and easy. It allows you to access the torrents from the popular torrent site such as Kickass, The Pirate Bay, Lime torrents, etc.

Lime torrents

The user reviews have rated this website having one of the biggest torrent databases on the internet. It will be easy to find out if the torrent is worth downloading it. The website has internal lists, which facilitate the user to view the date of torrent upload, size, number of seeders.

The website layout is simple and can be understood by anybody. You can type the keywords of the file you are searching and it will display the results.


It is a multipurpose torrent site founded in 2008 and is currently a working torrent site. It provides access to thousands of torrent files. The website does not offer a contemporary look but it does offer high-quality movies, music, and game files. It also has a simple user interface and a filter to help you find the required torrent files. It gives you the option to view the advertisement of the torrent file on the search results page before you start downloading the file.

It provides the following features:

  • Basic information related to IMDb rating, year, cast, and genre can be viewed with the torrent file.
  • You can also find a separate section/webpage for the preview of various upcoming movies and TV shows.
  • It also lists the top 10 downloading trends for all the categories.
  • It is free for use and downloading torrent files. This website is restricted by ISP in many countries like United Kingdom, Australia, UAE, Ireland, etc. to use this torrent site. You will have to use a VPN.

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