The Laudable Software Development Platforms From Top Software Development Companies

The latest open-source web development platforms are being developed by the top software companies. Web development platforms like CodeIgniter, Scala, Python, and Ruby on Rails have been built by these companies and they are becoming more popular lately. Notwithstanding, WordPress still offers an additional option for web developers and the software development company is still working very hard to ensure that all business firms can have a website irrespective of the scale of operations. Now, with all these available options, you can start thinking of building a website. You may start small then move your site to a more commercial solution later when your business becomes big and successful.

So, below are some of the characteristics of these open-source web development platforms:


The CodeIgniter uses the PHP framework for website development. So, if you know a web developer that has experience or that is proficient with PHP programming language then this software may just be the most suitable platform for your web development project. read the simple steps to make Woo commerce website with wordpress

One advantage of CodeIgniter is that it is lightweight and it has a simple interface that allows a web developer to develop a robust and dynamic website.

Another very good advantage is that it is a cross-platform application, which means that it is compatible with every operating system and virtually all web servers.

Again, developing a site with CodeIgniter allows your developer to complete your project faster. Naturally, this applies to every other open-source web development platform but still, it is an advantage to you and your website developer. You can get your website completed in a very short time should you opt for the CodeIgniter platform. This is because a bulk of the development process has been done by top software companies, so your developer has very minimal and simple work to do.

CodeIgniter supports a simple user interface. This implies that you do not need the services of your web developer to manage the content of your site, as you can get it done easily with simple user interface and high-end functionalities.
CodeIgniter sites are reliable and secure due to the features that the software is built with.

Also, websites built with CodeIgniter rank high in search engines. So, if you use CodeIgniter, you get a website that is search engine-friendly, therefore when people search for business firms offering the same services or products as you, your website will be among the first in the search results. This is where it gets more interesting; people do not have the luxury of time to waste on a search engine or search results, so they just choose any of the sites listed on the first page. In such situations, you may be lucky if the website chosen belongs to you as you may have just landed yourself one more customer.

In addition, you will be able to move your site from one server to another without hassles. Yes, CodeIgniter provides ease of migration.


While the CodeIgniter is built with the PHP framework, Scala is built with Java framework, which means that if you happen to know a freelance web developer that is very skilled or proficient with Java then you can hire his services, as well as request that your site is developed with Scala. Besides, you may not even have to choose any platform by yourself because he is likely going to use the Scala web development platform since that is the platform he knows best.

Again, just as CodeIgniter creates search engine-friendly sites, so does Scala, as well as other open-source web development platforms because they all have built-in SEO features. WordPress used to be recognized with this feature. However, thanks to the software development companies, other platforms have now been developed with the feature.

CodeIgniter has a great user interface and so does Scala. So, whether you opt for CodeIgniter or Scala, you get a site with a user-friendly interface. And will still not need a developer to help you manage the content of your site because you will find it easy to edit the content by yourself.

Also, Scala is reliable and secure, just as CodeIgniter and WordPress. This goes for other open source web development platforms too because these platforms have a community that works on the coding and code-testing of their web applications.

Another advantage of Scala is that it has great data analytics, which makes it ideal for developing sites that make use of large data. For instance, you can get an excellent e-commerce site developed with this platform. Besides, a lot of big companies are now migrating to the Scala platform because it supports a wide variety of products, as well as large information or data.


Python has almost the same characteristics as the two platforms discussed above. Python aids productivity just like the other open-source web development platforms. Python programming language is easy to read and learn. In fact, a lot of web developers love to work with this platform because it is easy to use, even with the coding.

Furthermore, you may have observed that these web development platforms all have almost the same characteristics and advantages, which makes it difficult to pick one over the other. Nevertheless, one advantage that cannot be ignored is that they all create an opportunity to have a website developed at a very affordable rate, which is especially great for young enterprise outfits and businesses running on a small scale. And thus, one of the laudable projects of software development companies.

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