Top 5 Best IPhone Apps For Free 2020

Top 5 Best IPhone Apps For Free 2020

So you have bought your new iPhone and do you wanna make the most out of it? Well for that you will have to have some of the apps that we have listed in our 5 must-have apps for your iPhone!

Let’s take a look at the article and fond out which are the best apps for iPhone that you will wanna download on your iPhone.

1. Google maps

That’s no secret that we all need a little help with navigation right? And nothing is better than google map for this job. Sure there are other maps available for iPhone but hey you want the best apps for your precious iPhone right?

Google maps not only help you to easily navigate but it also provides other services like you can actually beat the traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions so that you never run late.

It will also suggest the best route for your destination so that you can avoid road closures. Apart from these, you can easily find nearby restaurants, events, and other activities, etc.

2. BillGuard

We all need a little help with handling our finances, don’t we? And to help you in this matter we have bought you the best app for the job and that is BillGuard. It does show some of the same features as any other bank apps but the reason why we have placed BillGuard in our must-have apps for iPhone is, it takes the next step and manage your spending habits (amazing isn’t it? ).

It will aware you for your irregular habits and reminds you about the bill you have to pay. This app is no less than a blessing for those who are not too good at handling their finances.

3. MyfitnessPal

If you are searching for a fitness app for your iPhone then MyfitnessPal would be your best choice. This app for iPhone will help you set some realistic goals instead of suggesting starving yourself. You will be given a basic fitness goal with some boundaries, which will really help you in the long term.

You can easily keep track of your food intake and keep a check of your calorie intake. You can also count the calories you have burned through exercise. This app for iPhone can be your fitness pal so don’t forget to have this on your iPhone!

4. Spotify

We all love music right and having a music app is any phone is mandatory! But when it comes to having the best music app for iPhone we would suggest Spotify. It’s no secret that this music app has gained huge popularity over the years and the reason behind would be its premium services.

It has millions of songs and you can listen to them for free with its basic version but if you want to get its premium services you will have yo buy its subscription for $10. With that, you can listen to all the music offline too! And for movie streaming and download site look at mp4moviez.

5. Dropbox

Every phone suffers from the storage issues no matter how space you have got in your phone sooner or later you will get those annoying notif that will say ‘your storage is nearly full’. Even the iPhone suffers from the problem. And that is why we have got you the best cloud storage app for iPhone and that is Dropbox. Sure there are plenty of other apps that are made for that job but this one is best. You can easily get access to all the files through multiple devices.

So these are the best iPhone apps that you should definitely on your iPhone. Get all new updates about technology, apps and games at techiwar.

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