Top 10 Programming Languages 2019

This is very toughest part of in the field of software development. Which programming language to learn or to go in which field. There are thousands of programming language available. Which one to choose? This article will help you to know top 10 programming language which you can learn.

Best Programming Language To Learn in 2019

  • JavaScript
  • Java script is essential for front-end development.
  • Many websites are social media platform relay on JavaScript to create an interactive web.
  • Java script is helpful in displaying content dynamically.


  • Swift
  • Developers uses Swift to build Powerful, high-performance, native IOS, MacOS and Linux apps.
  • Swift is new programming language which is used to develop IOS and MacOS application.
  • Swift works in all IOS platform like WatchOS, TVOS and naturally even in IPad and IPhone.


  • Java
  • This is a general purpose programming language.
  • The best things about this language is that “write once – run anywhere” concept.
  • All the Android operating system are on the basis of java.
  • Many has many uses for business application and has a high job prospects.


  • C/C++
  • C language has a powerful influence on the computer programming landscape.
  • The c allows you to understand about the inner working of the computer.
  • C++ builds on C, this is an object oriented programming language which is used in Gaming and visual reality


  • Python
  • This is the most user-friendly language. The coding is very easy in python.
  • This language is used in back-end development and open-source Django framework
  • This language is easy to learn and rich in features
  • Popular sites like Mozilla Spotify uses python.


  • PHP
  • This is a server side scripting language.
  • Php is playing a vital role in WordPress content management.
  • PHP can enhance the ability of HTML by embedding them in web
  • PHP is the language which can work in front end and even in back end.


  • Ruby
  • This is again a scripting language which is used in web development.
  • This language is popularly used on Rails Web application framework.
  • Startups like spopify and other have used Ruby for their work.


  • C#
  • This is again a general purpose, object-oriented languages which is built on the foundation of C.
  • This language is widely used to make applications native to Microsoft platform.
  • This language is used in cross-platform apps


  • Rust
  • this is the most loved programming language
  • This is used in the development of Mozilla Corporation.
  • This language emphasis on Safe code.


  • Objective-c
  • This is a general purpose object oriented language. This language is also derived from c.
  • With this language you can create all types of apps.
  • This language is easy to learn and work.

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