How to Travel from EU Countries to the USA on A Budget

How to Travel from EU Countries to the USA on A Budget

Traveling to favorite spots can give you satisfaction. If your visit is full of adventures and fun, then it makes unforgettable memories. If you want to go from EU countries to the USA, then it can make your visit expensive. But do not worry, you have several other options in the USA where you can travel, and it lies within your budget. Instead of going to Paris, London, etc. Explore some new places in the USA and plan your trip there.

Here, you will get some suggestions that make you creative in planning your tour from EU countries to the USA on budget. Let’s explore this article.

  • San Antonio, TX:

It is one of the attractive cities in the USA where you can travel on a budget. There are more than 3 million visitors who visit this place each year. San Antonio has a fusion of Mexican culture. That’s why you can see a blend of both in Tex-Mex markets, cuisine, and fiestas.

You can travel to San Antonio via rail, car, bus or air. If you want your travel within budget, then you can go via rail or bus. In San Antonio, the bus system is extensive. Therefore, tourists feel ease in traveling. It is very economical.

You can also make your stay within your budget. One of the suggestions is the Bullis House Inn. It is a highly economical hotel in San Antonio. It will cost you $19.3 per night. So you can find an excellent option to stay there. San Antonio has a Missions Nation historical Park and Alamo, which are the best sources of enjoyment for visitors. You can enjoy a stroll on the Riverwalk. San Antonio allows you to participate in a bike rental program, which costs you $10 for each day. It gives you an enjoyable experience.

  • Kansas City, MO:

This city is the most affordable city to travel. You can enjoy your time here in small amount. It is the favorite destination for many travelers. This city has fantastic cultural diversity. You can enjoy this diversity in different foods, art, and visiting spots. Kansas City has strong cultural values. It is famous for its barbecue. Traveling from the EU to Kansas City is very affordable. You can get cheap flights. You do not need to go far; you can enjoy your vacations here. It exists in the middle of the USA, so traveling from other areas is not difficult. The international airport in Kansas offers flights to many airlines; that’s why travelers can get many options. Within the city, traveling is also very cheap. You can travel via bus. It is much economical.

Kansas City gives many free attractions such as Boulevard Brewing CompanyKaleidoscope, and Harley-Davidson Plant. You can get many free attraction places which appeal to the tourists.

  • Philadelphia, PA:

Another cheap option to visit from EU countries to the USA is Philadelphia. Instead of visiting New York, you can go for an amazing alternative Philadelphia. This city will give you opportunities to explore historical places, fun sites, food streets, and much more. The dinning in Philadelphia is less costly because of Philly’s BYOB policy. If you are coming outside of the USA, then you can choose a flight for Philadelphia International Airport. The train ride is short from this airport. The trail network within the city gives convenience to its travelers. Philadelphia offers services to travelers and makes their travel low cost. If visitors once travel via SEPTA, next time they can get a pass and go through, train, trolley, bus, or subway. It is no doubt a fantastic option for tourists.

In Philadelphia, you can avail cheaper hotel options to make your travel within budget. The most attractive place for many travelers is to visit the Independence Visitor Center. Here you can get a free overview of the city and can know about its beautiful location. You can get a free ticket for visiting Independence hall. You can make a free visit to Liberty Bell. With the help of the city pass, you can make your travel cheaper. You can see various places in very less amount.

Sometime it is necessary to escape out of the daily routine. When you get vacations, enjoy it completely. It depends on you, how you make your holidays memorable. Travel to the USA is a dream of everyone, but you don’t need to visit expensive cities. If you do not have an idea, you can explore highly budgeted cities on the ESTA website. It will tell you eligibility to the USA. If you apply for ESTA, you must know its eligibility criteria. If you are eligible citizen of visa waiver program country, if your visit is no longer than 90 days, your visit purpose must be pleasure or business then you can apply for ESTA. The Visa waiver program country enables citizens to travel in USA. A continuous ESTA check makes your understanding clear and guide you about different locations in USA.

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