Traveling Solo Does Not Mean Isolation

Are you a Solo traveller? Beginner or professional? Whatever. You might have known the thing that travelling Solo never means to be alone or isolated. My blog is for the people did never experience travelling alone on the backpack. I have an experience of Solo winter holidays in Morocco, if you ask me to share my experience in one word, I would say Outstanding. I found Morocco as an ideal place for travellers who want to travel solo and expect every pleasure from that place. If you are travelling solo, isn’t mean that you are going to travel alone and blah blah. Come and know about the things you need to know, Come on.

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You know what? Your Solo Travel Is A Great Opportunity:

Opportunity? For what? There might have many answers depending on the habits and interests of travellers. When I left my family at home and headed towards my very first solo adventure in Australia, my husband supported me and my kids too. That was the reason I could be able to flock alone. Alone? That was what I thought before having Solo experience. There are a lot of experiences you get travelling as singles.

You Get New Friends:

It is an amazing opportunity for you to socialize with the people you never had an idea about. For example, It was my experience to meet new friends in South Africa. I’m a journalist and met a friend Aysha from South Africa in my country. She invited me to explore her country so I planned and all set to adventure. For me, I was travelling alone so Solo means all alone, isolated, etc, etc, etc.

No, that was the opportunity for me to get more friends there. In South Africa, I met with many of the journalist friends of Aysha, roamed around the country, in different cities. I found South Africa a wonderful place to visit. I felt so calm there and enjoying to share with you my those thoughts. I experienced to meet a lot of people during my 7 years of travelling. My friends are from various circles, communities, and countries now. So It is to make new friends, learn from them and experience new things.

New Environment to Breath on:

Yes, different environment. The air should be changed from the place you are already living for years. If you visit a new place, of course, you are getting many things. New experiences in life are important. The environment in the universe now is a very serious concern. All the people are speaking on it internationally, travellers also visit to take the long breath in the clean environment.

Save the environment, don’t spoil or destroy it. As a traveller you have a responsibility to advise the locals to keep things off. Your responsibility is to make sure that you are not destroying nature, but you are there to explore the beauties of nature on the holiday destination. It will keep serving the travellers who will visit the place to have a different air from the place they use to live. It helps to make differences in a mood person have.

Comfort Zones, Bye Bye!

There are certain barriers and comfort zones our personality feel safe at. That’s actually a zone keeps us away from social life and its benefits. If we keep aside these comfort zones for instance and plan to travel alone at some place of our interest, that means we are ready to bring a positive change in our lives.

Travelling literally gives a boost of self-confidence to a person. I was so dumb and so traditional type of wife and mother, but the day I planned to step out of my home alone, my perspective to life diversified and it was really worthful. My advice to the new people want to try Solo travelling, believe me, it will bring out every fear from you. You will be more socialize, more friendly, and accepting.

Accepting? How?

Yes accepting. Before travelling to the new places alone, you usually have a narrow perspective about the places, their traditions, people and culture. But this is so pathetic. Visiting conservative destinations even makes you accepting the traditions and their daily life norms.

In Morocco, there were a lot of odd things I faced, but what? I was used to the Norms and traditions people have lived at different destinations in the world. The world is so diverse, we have to open our brains and accept things about different cultures. It will help us come to the real positive change of us.

Travelling will make you accepting in nature. You will see things from the other angle, which is to bridge the cultural differences. Travellers have the responsibility to have very friendly behaviour and accepting to anything which they think is different from their beliefs and normal doings. Trying new things is a part of life, a person should keep this habit in life. Travel Solo, it will diversify you, will boost you to the level up in your life. Cheers!

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