Web Development techniques which are tending in 2019

The Internet has now become a sensation in today’s world. We cannot think a minute to live without it. And browsing through websites has become our most favorite hobby.

With millions of websites already on the Internet, it is tough for new and upcoming sites to get higher rankings on search engines.

So, how is it possible to make one’s website noticeable on the Internet? The answer is simple, adapting to new trends and techniques of developing a website.

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Here’s a list of the best website development techniques of 2019 –

To make a website popular, in the World Wide Web, follow these web development techniques that are also supported by several Website Development Company in Jaipur.

1. Make use of chatbots

To make a website customer-friendly, then using chatbots is the best way. Chatbots ensure that whoever is visiting the website if he or she has any query, they can instantly get a solution through the system. Chatbots helps in engaging viewers with 24/7 customer support and service.

2. Blockchain is highly recommended

Over the years, Blockchain has earned enormous popularity in the web world, and they are continuing to do so. This technology creates a high-security web environment that ensures safe and secure online transactions. Blockchain technology doesn’t require any intermediaries and allows users to store data in different locations throughout the world by utilizing a standard data storage system.

3. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

These two concepts are trendy and known in the web world. They are hugely beneficial.

4. Importance of push notifications

Push notification on a website can help the particular site to gain several viewers. There are many companies that utilize push notifications on its website to enhance website ranking on Google and various other search engines. Push notifications are said to attract viewers, but it should have limited use.

5. Benefits of AMP

We all know that our most popular search engine, Google gives preference to those websites that are mobile-friendly. This is why responsive web design has become essential. In this regard, it should be mentioned that Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP contributes to attaining website traffic. Also, it helps in a better user experience.

6. The popularity of a static website

When it comes to the latest trend of web development techniques, one cannot ignore the importance of static websites. However, many believe that in today’s world, dynamic websites are dominating static websites. But the static website has not lost its essence. The main benefit of a static website is that it provides a quick load time.

7. Use if browser extensions

One of the favorite things of internet users is Google Chrome extensions. However, many people avoid using extensions due to privacy reasons. Therefore, it is advisable to remember the importance of privacy safety if one decides to adopt useful extensions.

8. The importance of Motion UI

If a website is easy to access and understandable, it will be a hit among viewers. This is why creating a beautiful interface is extremely important, and in this regard, Motion UI is best suited.

Using Motion UI, the website will look amazing as it allows the use of animated charts stroking headers, hovers, and animated backgrounds. All these features are bound to attract viewers and make the job easier for various SEO Services regarding web ranking.

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